You Can Keep Your Home Clean (Even If You Have Kids!)

One of the most significant changes that many people go through when they start a family is that their home goes from being essentially spick and span most of the time to pretty much a bomb site overnight. Many of us parents also struggle to keep our home clean, even as our kids get older. The good news is some tactics can provide us with the housekeeping help we need. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


Pick the right cleaning products 

To keep your home clean when you have kids, you must select the right products. After all, some work far more effectively than others, and the less effort you need to invest, the easier the whole process will be. 

Alternatively, you may also wish to consider making your own cleaning products from natural ingredients. In particular, white vinegar and baking soda can be hugely useful for household cleaning from floors to worksurfaces. 


Choose easy to clean furniture

You can make your home so much easier to keep clean if you are smart with your furniture choices when the kids are small. Yes, many of us would love an interior ladened with crushed cream velvet, light carpets, and fabric sofas. However, none of these options are easy to clean, and they will show every stain and mark! 

To that end, being practical with your décor and furniture choices is a much smarter approach. Luckily, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to do so. After all, you can find gorgeous seating at online stores like KC Sofas made of leather. Leather being far more robust and easy to keep clean when you have young children in the home.


Set up a schedule

Many people think that a cleaning schedule is the last thing they want. However, it can be a very effective way of freeing yourself from endless housekeeping and keeping your home as clean as possible. 


The key to a good cleaning schedule is that you only spend minimal time on cleaning each day. Then you break down your cleaning jobs and assign different ones to different days – something that will help keep you focused, and if you do miss a day, you know it will be covered again next week, thus limiting the build-up of dirt. 


Get everyone to help

OK, so you won’t want your 4-year-old using cleaning products or the vacuum. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t help you in your quest to keep your home cleaner and more organised. 


Instead, you can start to teach them early on the value of putting items away before getting the next ones out, and as they get a little older, you can get them to pull back their bedding in the morning, which is an excellent step on the way to making their bed. 

After all, even if these tasks are small, getting the kids to do them will save you time and energy. Essential resources that you can then put towards completing other required cleaning tasks around the home.  

How do you cope with all of the cleaning?

Charlotte xx




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