World Book Day 2019- Outfit Inspiration

World Book Day 2019 is just over a week away.  I can not believe that it has come around this quickly. I know most schools and nursery’s mark the occasion . Usually by allowing the children to come dressed as their favourite book character. I like to try and be organised by getting Jess’ outfit ahead in order to save some money. You will still have time as this post goes out to order online from places and also eBay if your like me. In today’s post though I am going to focus on the offerings from the supermarkets. So all you need to do is pop on in your trolley when doing the weekly shop.

Simba- with the Lion King Movie coming out again in the cinema this summer. This is available from ASDA for £14.  I think this outfit is just amazing it only goes up to age 3-4 so this is one for the younger children. It looks like it is going to be a super soft material which means that you can use this as a onesie. I think this is something which Jess would never take off if we were having a pyjama day. The simba outfit is doing to be more than £14 in the disney store when the film comes out. 

T-Rex- being a dinosaur is something which Jess adores to do. She will come up behind us and roar so this is sone which would be perfect for her. This again is from Asda and is £14. I would say that this is going to be a thick almost onesie material. This is something which you could use for a range of different occasions. I know Jess would love it even when she is just playing because who does not want to be a dinosaur. I wish they did these in adult size because this would be fun to wear when I am working at my desk. This does actually go up to size 7-8 years so this would fit some of the those who are at school. 

Moana– this is one of my favourite Disney films and it actually has become one of Jess’s too. This looks like one of the more covered up Moana outfits I have seen. This is another one from Asda and is £15.  As world book day is actually in March you do not want your child dressing up in a crop top. This is actually more covered up and I would let Jess wear this. This looks like this could be very good quality and there is so much great detail. If you have seen the film Moana you will know that she has a really detailed outfit. I may have to pick this up for her after world book day when they are reduced because I already have her outfit for this year. 

American Dream Girl– this is what the outfit is called from Asda and this is £15. To me this reminds me of Captain America who is one of my favourite avenger. Jess does have a Captain America Bear and I think she may like to match the actually bear. I think it is amazing that Asda are doing girls superhero outfits as it is something you rarely see. This is £15 and it does actually come with the shield as well which I love. I think you would have to put tights on with this outfit is you are using it for book day as it could still be pretty cold. I think I am going to look at purchase this for Jess after world book day because it is something which she could play in. 

The Gruffolo – I wish I had seen this before I picked Jess’ World Book Day outfit. One of her favourite books is the Gruffolo you can get this outfit for £16 from Sainsbury’s. There is so much gruffolo thing this year as it is 20 years since the book was released. This does look like it is going to be a thick onesie material great for keeping warm. I know Jess would adore this when she is just wanting to chill out. They do this all the way up to 7-8 years, I am tempted to get one in the size up so that Jess can have this in the autumn months. 

Today I have shared 6 outfits which I would love to purchase for Jess’ to wear this world book day. They are all available from the supermarkets which means you do not have to make a special trip to a different store. I know this can be a hassle when you have got children when they do not love shopping. 

What are your children dressing up as this world book day?

Charlotte xxxx




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