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With Christmas just around the corner if you are anything like me you love candles. For me they bring warmth into the house without having wack the heating up. They also get me in the festive mood I know this sounds crazy.  For me having a candle on make the house feel like a home for sure it is something which you can regular find in my house.

For me I use a wide range of different candle brands. However, one which I always seem to come back to is Yankee Candle when it comes close to Christmas. There is something which makes me want to burn them this could be due to the amazing throw which they have. I find even something majority of the votives which can be homed in amazing holders. Have the throw the same as some of the big candles which I own.  Hard to believe something so small can be so powerful . I think that the Yankee Candle Christmas Sets are amazing because if you are like me you do not want to be burning festive scents long after December. The Votives are the right size that you are not left burning Christmas scents way into the new year.

I do like that this set is the votives as well because the holders are so pretty. I like to leave my candles out all of the time so they become a bit like decoration. So you want something which is going to be pretty rather than a plain boring one. The one which comes in the Yankee Candle Christmas set is not too festive so you could have it out all year long if you are like me. I have found the votive holders which I have from Yankee last a long time even with a toddler who might be clumsy like mine is.

The lovely people at wowfreestuff are actually currently giving away a Yankee Candle Christmas set. This includes a Yankee votive holder and 3 of the Christmas votives. These would make a great Christmas present should you win and want to save yourself some cash. For sure it would make an amazing secret santa present. I have actually had sniff of all of the scents which you get in this gift set. I would say out of selection which you get they include frosty gingerbread, ice blue spruce and winter wonder. My favourite has to be the frosty gingerbread for sure this does smell like what it is mean to. I for sure would purchase this set for myself as a little gift or as a present for someone else.

For your chance to win one of the 50 sets which they are giving away all you need to is fill out some basic information and hope that you win. The all important link which you need is here

Good luck if you choose to enter I have my fingers crossed that you actually manage to win.

Charlotte xx

This post is a sponsored by wowfreestuff

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