Why We Are Team Yellow

When you announce you’re having a baby a lot of people want to know if you are going to find out the gender. Once you get past the 20-week anomaly scan people start asking if you know the gender. I know a lot of people now find out and I would say that it has become the norm to know. There are not that many people who stay Team Yellow which means they do not know. Everything you buy is also unisex because of course, you do not know if it is a girl or a boy.

Of course, now you do not even have to wait till the 20-week scan. To see if you can find out the gender. You can pay between £60-80 to find out the gender early. I know some people who have found out from around 16 weeks. We choose to save our money and wait even if we did want to find out. Joe and I have discussed finding out because we do have some pink bits left from Jess. However, we like the idea of having a surprise when the baby arrives safely into this world.

We had our 20-week scan about a week and a half ago now anyway. This is a scan where the sonographer checks a lot of important measurements and all of the baby’s organs. It is highly likely that they would not have been able to tell us the gender anyway. The baby was on their side with their hands over their face this made some of the checks complicated. In fact, we have to go back for another scan to complete the measurements when I am 22 weeks.

So here are some of the reasons why we have not found out the gender and we are team yellow.

We are likely to be having another c-section with this baby. There is a couple of reasons why this is the case and I will share this in a later post. This means it is likely that we are going to know the date on which the baby is going to be born. Usually, this would be a surprise. Since we do not have this we thought it would be nice to not know what we are having.

We know people would say congratulations no matter if we are having a boy or a girl. To us, it does not matter as long as the baby arrives healthy. Plus do not have too much of a rough ride like last time  We also want to avoid people coming out with the comments. Such as oh I bet you would have loved a boy then you would have one of each. I truthfully am not bothered by what gender the baby is. Of course, I  would be happy with a girl and a boy or two girls. I know people think it is a boy and Jess thinks it’s a girl. Only time will tell what the gender of player 4 is.

We are not that bothered about been able to buy gender-specific things. As you will see if you follow us on Instagram there are so many times that Jess is in “Boys” clothes. I am in the mentality and so is Joe that if we like it we will put our children in it. Of course, we are having a winter baby. Which means the opportunity for them to have dresses on would be limited. Also, as I think this is our last baby I want to keep them in sleepsuits for as long as we can. Of course, we can always purchase some gendered items when the baby does arrive if we feel the need.

Did you find out the gender of your baby or were you team yellow too?

Charlotte xx




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