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Today I am going to be sharing what is in my hospital bag. I am going to be doing a separate one for the babies hospital bag. Otherwise, I feel like this would be a super long post. As you may know, our second child is due at the start of January. However, they will be born by the time you read this. Due to us having an elected c-section it is likely that it is going to be around the 39-week mark .

I have decided that I am going to take a weekend bag which I have had for the longest time. It is big enough to allow me to put everything which I need. I have decided to do separate bags for me and the baby because I think it will be easier. I did this when I had Jess this does meant that I do not have to cram everything in one bag. This bag is from TKMaxx. I find it one of the best places for weekend bags as I say I have had this bag for over 5 years.

I have packed a dressing gown this is actually the one which I had Jess. Sometimes you just want to throw a dressing gown on to keep warm. I am unsure how warm the hospital is going to be because it could be freezing at this time of year.  This again I seem to remember was from TKmaxx again it is about 4 years old it is so cosy. I am not that bothered if this gets ruined I could always try and wash it.

The next thing in my bag is flip flops this is something which I have packed for the showers mainly. I had some which were in a gift bag when we visited a spa.  I thought I would use these because if they do end up getting destroyed I do not mind throwing these away. This is something I regret not packing with Jess. They are essential even if it is just to shower in because they never are the cleanest.

Slippers are also in my bag sometimes I might want to put these on to walk around instead of just walking around in socks. I remember that my feet were cold last time when I had a c-section. Again I am taking an old pair in case they get ruined these were from Primark a few years ago. They may have been the ones which I had in the hospital for Jess I can not remember I own that many pairs of slippers. I would recommend going to Primark for slippers if you need some there so cheap.


A dark towel is essential I am unsure if this hospital actually provides towels. I would rather have my own which is fluffy anyway. It is thick as well because the last thing you want after giving birth is something which is thin and scratchy. I know this may not be essential but it is something which I will feel more comfortable having. The one I am taking is Christie’s one which we got cheap last year. Even if it gets stained you are not going to be able to see it because of the colour. Having a darker towel for me is a lot better than having a white one which the hospital would prove.

Maternity pads these are the boots one I used them with Jess and never had a problem. I am only going to take one packet and have a spare packet which I can use when I get home. Joe to get me the other packet should I need them when he comes home on an evening. I am hoping to only to be in the hospital 1-2 nights and have been told this is reasonable. With Jess, I lost a lot of blood which meant that I had stayed in longer.

Breast pads are another thing which I am going to take with me. I seem to remember that your milk does not come in for a few days. I am going to take them just in case this is something which I would rather have than need to go and purchase. Currently, I am not planning on breastfeeding this baby. I have some samples of the Lansinoh breast which came in a pack which you get when you’re pregnant. I have a box of boots ones as well should I need some additional ones once I come home.

Fluffy socks these are something else which I have packed. Of course, these are going to keep my feet warm which is something which I might need at the end of December or early January. I have so many pairs of fluffy socks so I have just taken a few pairs instead of having to purchase some new ones. Sometimes it is nice to have some home comforts when you are in the hospital. My feet are always cold anyway so this is going to be essential for me.

Of course, dark large underwear is essential I picked up a pack of 7 full briefs in Asda for £8.  You do not want anything to rub on your new scar. So many people recommend packing them even if you are having a normal delivery. Just in case you end up with a section.

I have packed a toothbrush and toothpaste. I have chosen to take a travel size toothpaste which we had in the house anyway. This will be perfect and then Joe can always put it in his exercise wash bag when he goes away with work again to use it up. We had a spare toothbrush in one of the cupboards.  I do not want to take my electric one because knowing my luck it is something which I would forget and be unable to brush my teeth.

I have picked up a deodorant which is the lynx roll on in Africa.  This is something which we use normally anyway so I have just picked one up. These super cheap in Home Bargains and of course, I will end up using this when we run out of the one we have at home. For some reason, I have been preferring roll-ons instead of sprays.  I have a day moisturer as well from Superdrug which is one which did not have a lot left in it.  I seem to remember the hospital could be super drying to the skin.  The only other toiletry product which I have is a carex simple body wash. I remember I could not use fragranced after my c-section before. I picked this up in Home Bargains and it was super affordable of course, I will use the rest when I am at home.

A hairbrush and bobbles are essential for me. I could not go a couple of days without brushing my hair. I am going to wash my hair the night before this means that I should not need to wash it when I am in the hospital. My hair takes the longest to dry and I do not want to have to take a hairdryer with me. I have packed a new packet of bobbles which I had because this does mean that I can tie my hair back for surgery. Also, the baby is not going to be able to grab my hair which is always a bonus.

Phone charger, of course, I need this I have a new one just in case I forgot to pack mine. I would recommend getting a 3m one this means that it can reach from the plug to your bed sometimes it can be a fair distance. I ended up ordering mine from Amazon but you can pick up large iPhone charger nearly anywhere. You are going to want to take pictures and message loved ones about the new arrival and also entertain yourself when your baby is asleep.

Snacks an essential for me since been pregnant I have found myself snacking more and more. I am unsure of how good hospital food is going to be. Of course, I will share them with Joe. It saves us purchasing snacks from the hospital shop which is never the cheapest place to purchase them from either.


I have packed a couple of nightshirts as a result of me knowing that I am going to be having a c-section. It is a lot easier to have nightshirts than having pyjamas as a result of it sitting on your scar. It also allows access should it be needed. I picked a couple off ebay which were brand new because I am unsure if will wear them much. They are oversized in my normal size so at least I will have the option should I want to wear them. I think the designs I purchased where Me Sarcastic Never and also I woke up like this.

I have also packed a couple of oversized tops as well which I had anyway. Of course, I am going to have a hoodie or some kind of coat with me when I go into the hospital. I will be wearing maternity leggings which means that they are not going to be sat on my scar.  There is a chance that I am going to have to take a pillow for the journey home. I have read this is a good thing to do post c-section as travelling can be hard.

What did you pack in your hospital bag?

Charlotte xxx

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