What’s In My Baby Hospital Bag

As you may know our second child is due at the start of January. Due to us having an elected c-section it is likely that it is going to be around the 39 week mark when the new arrival makes there way into the world. By the time you read this player 4 will ready be in the world..

I have opted to use their changing bag and then a separate bag for me. The changing bag which we have is this Skip Hop Duo Double Signature in Chevron. The reason I have a double changing bag is that we are planning on using reusable nappies and wipes. So we thought we might appreciate a bigger changing bag we picked this up in TKmaxx for about £40 the cheapest I have seen it is £60 online.

The first thing in the baby bag does against what I said about using reusable nappies. We are going to be using disposable ones in the hospital it is going to be so much easier. When I do not know how long I am going to have to be in there. I have a packet of 24 first size nappies from Asda we got these in a bounty pack I seem to remember. We used Asda’s little angel nappies with Jess and never had a problem with them. I think I have another pack of these at home and then we will get on the reusable ones. I have a blog post coming up about what we are planning on using.

The next item is a packet of 100 nappy bags I am taking them all just so they are contained. There is nothing worse than them been all over the changing bag. I picked up the cheapest ones which Boots sell I think they were about 40p. These will be great for putting nappies in any clothes which are dirty and also maternity pads which will be in my bag. Once we have finished with these I think we will end up donating them to Jess’ nursery to use up.

Waterwipes are something else which we have had to purchase. We are planning on using reuseable wipes when we get home. Truthfully I did not know how easy it would be to use them in the hospital. I remember that they prefer you to use cotton wool and water however, some hospitals now do allow waterwipes. I only have one pack of these as I plan on using the cheeky wipes as soon as we are home or it is possible.

We have the aptimil starter pack I am not planning on trying to breastfeed I know there is a whole debate. I bottle fed Jess and this is something which I am happy doing again with this new baby. Of course, you have to take your own milk as most hospitals do not supply it anymore as they would rather have you breastfeeding. Aptimil is the brand of formulae which we used with Jess and had no problems. I have also read you can use the starter pack from then and then swap to Aldi’s. This is something which I think we are planning on doing because it will be a lot cheaper.

I have packed a pack of two dummies these are not something which I think I will end up using straight away. Again it is always handy to have them. We picked these up in the Aldi baby even back in the summertime. Dummies are something which the hospital gave Jess. I would rather have them with us than have to run out to the shop and buy some should we need them. The hospital is a good 20-30 minute drive home even if Joe was to come and get them.

I have packed a sample of bepanthen this I know is highly unlikely that I am going to need in the first few days. But it is just going to be in the changing bag then anyway for when we do need it.  I have so many samples of bepanthen which I have picked up in the packs which you get when you’re pregnant. They are worth getting just for samples to try brands and put in your hospital bag.

Another thing which is in the hospital bag is hand sanitiser. I know I might not be able to walk and wash my hands. So I have decided to pack this the one which I have added to the bag is one which we already had. It is the Carex Strawberry Laces which smells amazing in my eyes. This is going to be essential I am sure for nappy changing as well. I am gutted I can not seem to find this scent anymore because it is one of my favourites.

I also have babies red book which I was given by the health visitor she told me to pack it. Even though it is highly unlikely they will use it. She wants them to record any bloodshot eyes or birthmarks in it. I never met the health visitor or had a red book till after I had Jess however, the situation was completely different from her. Did you get your red book before you had your baby?

I have packed a couple of blankets for the baby even though I might change one of these. We have a celluar blanket which Joe’s Nan actually knitted for the baby. I think the one which I am going to take she gave us since I did pictures. It is much larger and also it is white which may be better than the small one pictured. The other blanket which I am taking is a thicker one which I think I am going to use for the journey to the car. It says after a storm there is a rainbow of hope here I am. As you know we lost a baby last year so this is our rainbow baby. I purchased this blanket off Etsy there is multiple seller. I used SonnyAndKitGifts and received ours super fast even with the black Friday and Christmas rush.

Clothing wise I have packed 3 cardigans which Joe’s Nan has knitted I know it is very doubtful that I will need 3 however, I am unsure the size this baby is going to be Jess was 8lb 2oz. These are plain white and to be honest I think they are adorable anyway because of course, we do not know the gender of player 4. 

I have managed to pack 3 different hats one which is more of one which they will wear when we travel to the car. It is slightly thicker and of course the weather may not be great. This is the bear one which we picked up in Mothercare for only £1. The other two are ones which I can see us using in the hospital they are just a plain grey one and also one which has giraffes on which says I love my Daddy. I think these were from Primark, they are essential as babies lose so much heat through there heads.

Something which I can not remember if you use a lot when you are still in hospital is bibs. I have picked 3 out of the collection which we already have in case we do decide to use them. I picked up the welcome to the world little star one preloved on Facebook.  The arrow one is just from Aldi when they had a baby sale I stocked up on a few. Then my favourite the 101 Dalmatians one is part of a set which we got in Primark which seems like an age ago. This is tiny however, I am sure it will be perfect when we have a newborn.  You forget how small they are when you have a 4 year old.

Muslins are something which are essential for newborns because you can use them to mop up milk and sick. You can also use them as a thin blanket. I have picked some of the one which I loved the most so we have an arrow one which is from Aldi for some reason this is a print which I love so much. The other two which we have are from Primark who I think have some amazing bits. The first one is a lion king one which we purchased before the new film came out this is super soft as well. We have washed it a couple of times already. The other is a winnie the pooh one which again feels like it is going to be super good quality.

Swaddling is something which I want to try this time around.  This one is a huge elephant print which we picked up in TKMaxx if you have not checked out some of their baby sections. I would highly recommend you can get some amazing bargains in there. We got 3 for around £10 and they are so soft and good quality.

I have packed 4 vests because I do not plan on been in too long. If we are in longer of course, Joe can just bring some more in. Two vests which have elephants on them these were some which I purchased a while ago. Sadly I cant remember where. The other two vests are ones which are almost meaning full ones if that makes any sense. The first one is the player 4 has entered the game which is the one we used for the annoucment that were expecting. This is one which I picked up off eBay it was the cheapest place to be honest. The other one is says oh hello little rainbow this is from Asda. It seems to only be available online for some reason and is in the girls section if you are looking for it.

The final clothing items which we have are sleepsuits which are what I am planning in keeping the baby in for a while. I have a packed for again of course, Joe can bring more in if this is something which we need. The first one which we have is the 101 Dalmatian one from Primark this is something which I think is cute. I know the baby is likely to be sick all over after not long. The other one at the back is one we purchased preloved and it is from John Lewis. I think this is a great unisex one however, I am unsure how old it is so I doubt you will be able to purchase it now.

The final couple of sleepsuits we have are special ones again the first one is a grey one from the Jools Oliver range at Mothercare. I picked it up before they actually went in administration. So I am unsure if you are going to be able to get hold of it now. I am obsessed with rainbows when it comes to this baby as I have mentioned previously. The other sleepsuit I picked up from Etsy it was from millymollymorley. This is hello world I am player four of course you can personalise it your babies name. We have a couple names since we do not know the gender. Since we have been calling the bump/ baby player 4 we decide to go for this. This does look huge even though I purchased 0-3 months.

The final item is something which my mum purchased for the baby it is a small jellycat bunny. Jess has actually purchased the medium one which is the same. I think this is going to be cute when it comes to pictures. Of course, you might want to have your child’s first cuddly toy straight away. Jess had a small pink little bunny from Primark when she was born.

What did you pack in your baby’s hospital bag?

Charlotte xx



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