What’s on my nails #8 – Essence Spalsh

Hey Guys

Please ignore the state of my nails they are only in this condition because I have been trying to tidy my room and I seem to be losing my nails in the process which is not good. Hopefully this will stop now my room is nearly done.

I haven’t been painting my nails in such a long time so this is why you have not seen these types of posts for a while but hopefully while I am off for the summer I will have more of these.  For the base coat I used the Essie all in one base coat the bottle I have is a different colour but I assume this is the same product. I find this base coat doesn’t allow nail polishes which stain my nails to do so. I know it is not the cheapest base coat on the market but when you find one that works for you repurchase.

On my nails the main colour colour is Essence Splash! they launched now in the UK been sold in Wilkos stores and also they will be online at the end of July. I picked this colour up when I attended there launch in Manchester which you will see a post about soon if not already. This is only two coats on and as you can see you cant see my nails which is always a benefit because it means you have more applications in a bottle.Currently I don’t know the price which this product is going tyo retail for I think it is going to be around the £2.50 mark if I remember correctly. This lasted on my nails around 3 days without chipping which I seem to think is a good lasting power when you are always using your nails.

I decided that for my top coat I would use the Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat which I seem to have had for ages and really should use it more because it is a products which works so well. I have not seen too many people who speak about this product at all but if you use your hands a lot and really like shiny nails this is the top coat for you. I have noticed that this is currently out of stock and has been out for a while so I am unsure if this product is been discontinued.

Are you looking forward to trying Essence nail polishes

Charlotte x

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