What’s On My Nails #5

Hey Guys 

Due to it been exam season I have not been spending as much time painting my nails with glitter or even doing nail art but today when searching through pictures to use on my blog I noticed that I has not shared this look that I did apologizes that the nail vanish is slightly chipped as the photo was taken a few days after I have done this. 

I have used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat which I find is the best base coat I have used to date. Feelunique see this and it can be purchased for £8.55 here. I think I paid around £3 for mine at The Original Factory Store so it may be worth checking in there. I know I say the same ever time but you really do need to own this. I am gutted because I have managed to lose mine.

For the white I used Sally Hanson Hard as Nails in White Tip I think it’s shade 07 but I could be wrong. I have put two coats of this on so that it was completely opaque. This colour is usually used for french nails but I want to get some more use out of mine so this is why I used it.  I am unsure where I purchased my bottle of this polish but you can get it here for £1.95 plus p+p. This polish lasted around 5/6 days without chipping which is something which is always a benefit.

I used a dotting tool to do the spots I purchased mine off eBay a year or so ago but the seller now doesn’t stock them but I have found the same ones on Amazon here. I have had no problems using mine it was the green one I used for my dots and it was the larger of the dots if this makes sense.

For the black dots that I have done I used a Basic Claire’s Accessories nail polish I have had this polish for years so I am unsure if you can still purchase this in the stores now but you can get it online here. This polish lasted around 2/3 days which is not bad as I must have had it open around 3/4 years when I was an emo girl you could say. The formulae may have changed over this time so it may be better now than mine

Finally to seal my nail varnish I used Sally Hanson Hard As Nails which is the best top coat that I have used that is clear. I did pick this bottle that I am using up in The Original Factory Store for £3. You can purchase this from Boots here.

What are your favourite nail art designs and who knows they could end up been featured on this blog pretty soon.

Charlotte x

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