What I Read In June 2020

I have not been reading as much this month I this is a couple of reasons why this has happened. One is because I have found myself getting busier doing things around the house. Also Joe has been back at wok which means I have had the children on my own. This means it can be harder to read in the garden when the weather is so nice. I also had a book which I did not finish because I was not enjoying it. This is something which I rarely end up doing but I am glad to get another couple of books off my bookcase. It means I am getting close to been able to purchase some more books. If you have not seen what I have read in the last couple of months you can see what I read in March, April and May.  Anyway on to the books which I have finished this month.


The Bride Stripped Bare By Nikki Gemmell 2/5 Stars

Plot– This novel of sex, secrecy, and escape explores the truth about love and sex. Following the sexual awakening of its female protagonist who gradually becomes embroiled in a world of fantasy and recklessness, it will make readers question whether it is ever entirely possible to know another person.

My Thoughts-  This was a book I didn’t enjoy at all. I found it a book which was really hard to read it could have been the way it was actually written. It is almost like a diary style but then there is elements of story telling in this. For sure this book felt like a chore to finish and this is not something which should happen. The girl was bored of her husband who she married because of she can fake orgasms. This is not a good enough reason I do not think. She ends up going on a journey which turns sexual. The sex scenes are so long I even had to skip through them they were too dragged out.. This book never had me gripped. I  just wanted to finish so I could move it was close to a did not finish book. I would not recommend this book even if you end up seeing it.

Coming Home By Melanie Rose 4/5 Stars

Plot–  A freak snowstorm leaves a young woman stranded – and unconscious. Coming to, she has no recollection of who she is or how she got there. All she recalls are the warm arms of a stranger carrying her to safety … She awakes in an idyllic country cottage, belonging to Vincent, a recently widowed city banker. Dashing and polite, the woman can’t think of a better knight in shining armour. Vincent’s 6-year-old daughter Jadie can hardly contain her excitement at their guest, chattering away excitedly. Trouble is, she’s been mute for the past two years… As she struggles with flashbacks to her past, memories come back which aren’t her own, bringing with them a stream of questions. What secrets does Vincent hide? Why has Jadie been silent for so long? Will she ever discover her true identity? Or is she, as Jadie believes, an angel come to save them all.

My Thoughts- This was a book which I needed to know what happened, I could not put it down. I was trying to read this at any chance which I had because I had to know what happened to the characters. One thing which I could not believe that everything happened in less than a week. I thought that some of the characters could have done with a little bit more development. I thought that Tara and Maria came across as a really harsh and not someone who you wanted to be friends with. This could be because they didn’t have the warming elements of other characters.  Of course, there needs to be characters who you do not love in a book though. For sure this had everything in it mystery, intrigue, romance, suspense and it left me wondering right up to the last chapter. This is the first book which I have read by Melanie Rose and for sure she is an author who I will look out for in the future. If you see this book or any of her books I would recommend them.


I am glad to get another couple of books of my shelves and getting my stash down a little bit. Finger crossed in July I can read a little bit more because books are still giving me so much pleasure despite everything which has been going on. Hopefully now having a switch and animal crossing is not going to hinder my progress too much.

What books have you been reading this month?

Charlotte xxx


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