What I Got For Christmas

I know this post is super late and I do not have pictures of all of the gifts because as some of you may know I have had two Christmas’s one with actually family and then one with my boyfriend which occurred a couple of days after. This means that I only actually have pictures of what I got from my secret Santa’s and my family because I was such a lucky girl it has meant that I have not been able to take pictures of them all.

The first gift which I am going to share with you is one of my secret Santa’s, unfortunately, one of the items which was an ornament which said Merry Christmas actually managed to break in transit.  Two of the other gifts arrived which were not smashed or damaged in any kind of way which is always nice. The first item is a Golden Wonder Lush bath gift set which is something which I am going to adore due to the fact that as you all know that I love baths and Lush is one of my favourite brands so this will be something which I will be using soon. The other item I received from the same secret Santa was a beautiful Salted Carmel Primark candle this is not something which I would have purchased myself due to the fact that Primark is not a shop that I really look at the homeware section in anymore.

Another secret Santa which I took part in choose these amazing gifts for me. Can you see the running theme which with the bath gifts I love Father Christmas from Lush and this was one which I never managed to get many of this year for some reason.  Another bath related products I received was the sweet snuggles bath crystals these are something which I can not wait to try as I am always using bath bomb or bubble bars so this will be a difference for me. I also received these glitter nail polish which would be perfect for a party or the festive season so |I am sure these will have some much use. A final couple of itemsI received are the these Yankee candle wax tarts as you all known I love to burn candles and I rarely purchase this kind due to having the flamingo candle scent box every month arrive.

My parents treated me to some amazing bath bombs which smell like strawberry and cream and also strawberry and champagne. I am unaware which brand they came from due to them purchasing these when they were away and there are no markings on the box which I received and somehow managed to forget to photograph them in all of the excitement of Christmas.

My brother also got me some retro sweets which you can imagine I have been a bad blogger and could not wait to tuck into them. I have had a few of them and I have managed to misplace them already maybe this is for the best because otherwise they would have been gone within no time. I will not be able to fit into the leggings which my parents purchased me from Next if I continued eating I have not managed to even try them on yet so this is another reason they have not been added. I hate having to have two Christmas’s sometimes as you end up leaving things and then when you go back it is back to normal life.

I was treated amazingly by another secret Santa I have these two amazing pairs of socks which for me is good due to the fact I never seem to have enough. Even though these are Christmassy they do not bother me because I will be able to use them all year around, I was treated to some chocolate which for me is always welcome I never seem to consume much because I have to share with people. This is one which I will not be sharing with other people. I received another Yankee candle which is a frosted cranberry this is one which I am going to really adore because it smells beautiful already. The book of mum is one which makes me laugh because I actually bought the book of dad to my boyfriend this is going to be a good one to read when I am having a nice coffee. The final item which I received in this package is a beautiful Rimmel Gold Polish I am unsure what shade it is due to Jess have got her hands on it and I currently cannot find it.

My amazing boyfriend managed to get me some items which I told him I wanted it was that bad I actually ordered one and then added the rest to his amazon basket. A little surprise did occur for me thought he decided that instead of having a new 64gb memory card for my camera he upgraded it to 128gb which means I may start doing Youtube when I get a better camera.  I actually also received the dot creates ultimate blogger planner which means I can be more organised and post more on my blog. These gifts may seem really random but he actually managed to purchase some Manfrotto tripods and the Manfrotto 6 bulb led lights which were amazing because for a while now I have said that I want to improve my lighting so this is what I have done. I even just before Christmas invested in a blogger background which you will have seen but there is going to be still some posts from before I got it as I take my pictures in bulk and I had it delivered to his house as another extra Christmas present from me to me. I realised that I have not even mentioned the weekend away which he treated to me as part of my Christmas present we went to an amazing log cabin at Kelby Forest the weekend before Christmas. This was amazing to be together and have so much chill time watching films, cooking and also taking the opportunity to go for a forest walk and use the hot tub. I have a feeling that it will not be the first trip we take to a log cabin or a weekend away just the two of us. Maybe we will get away somewhere at Easter.

Can you see a running theme here I have some amazing gummy bears from Haribo which are one of my favourite treats I feel like I may have to consume them when Jess is not around. Another item I received is this amazing foot cream which is going to be good for me due to the fact I am always on my feet and they are a part of my body which I never seem to treat.Slipper socks are something which I always think about purchasing and never seem to so these are going to be super handy for me because I then can go to sleep in them because I always seem to be able to sleep in my slippers. The final item is a diary which I have decided that I am going to use for my uni work due to the fact I have two others for blogging.

Enma managed to pick me up some amazing gifts for our secret Santa she sent it in one of the most beautiful boxes which I have already put items in.  The first item I opened was these amazing fluffy socks which are something which I adore because of the fact I get really cold feet when I am commuting to uni so these are going to be perfect in the winter months. I have another sweet treat which is these peanut butter M&M’s I have never tried them which is special because when I ever I have them I will think of this swap.  As you may have noticed in this chat I am obsessed with bath products and I managed to get even more in this swap I received the gingerbread and another bath bomb from the bomb cosmetics I can not remember what it was but I have already used it.  Tanya Burr is a brand which I have never really looked at for no reason maybe because I thought it was for younger people but the quality of this cheek palette is amazing I would love to try more of these products.  I have these amazing macaroon candles as well which are amazing I feel like they are way too cute to burn so you may be seeing them in the background of my photographs instead.  I also have this amazing Green tea facemask from Sephora I really don’t want to fall in love with them because of the fact I know I can not get them in the UK easy. The final couple of items which I received were lip products the first was a makeup revolution matte lipstick in the shade exposure I really do not own many nude lipsticks so this is something I feel like I may get a lot of use out of it. The final item was a colourpop satin lip in Magic wander again this is a nude lip I can see me layering the two items and getting a lot of use of them. I will tell you this I do not see it been the only colourpop item I own.

My boyfriends parents seem to be getting to know me to well they got me a virtual reality headset which is something which I would not have purchased for myself but it is something which I can see us having so much fun with in the future there may be some videos and pictures on Instagram so you should follow me over on there.  They also know that I adore twiglets and they managed to get me two tubs of them which I have nearly demolished one whole tub in a week and I have to keep having them to taken off me because I feel like could sit and eat a whole tub in one sitting. They also know that I am obsessed with Lush instead of getting me bath bombs they decided that they would get me 6 bottles of 100g shower gel these included Lord of Misrule, Snow Fairy, The comforter, Yuzu and Cocoa, Wash that man right out of my hair and finally Rose Jam. I plan on leaving them here because then I can use them throughout the year because some are Christmas exclusives. No joke I can not wait for Valentine’s Day Lush they may be a haul coming before the end of this month I love Lush that much.

The final item which I am going to include in this post is an electric toothbrush there is a funny kind of story behind this. Days before Christmas my brother somehow dropped my toothbrush on a solid floor and broke it. This meant that my parents thought that they would treat me to a new one I found a great deal on Amazon and managed to get a £120 toothbrush for around £50. I have used it and it is really powerful for me it feels like you are having a scale and polish at the dentists. It even beeps every 30 seconds to tell you to go to a different section of your mouth.  I feel like this is a product which I may do a review on soon.

I also received some other gifts but they were either smellies which I didn’t think you would want to see or personal gifts. If you would like to see reviews on anything please let me know

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Charlotte x

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3 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas

  1. Oh yes I love not having to go out any buy myself. I am going to have to take a lot of baths because I have been spending a lot in Lush recently and the Valentine's Day range comes out next week as well.

    Charlotte x

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