What Are The Benefits Of Horse Riding?

If your child has expressed that they want to take up horse riding, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. However, there are a lot of benefits that are associated with horse riding. These are benefits that both you and your child could benefit from, meaning this is a fun activity that you could enjoy together.

There is something special about heading to your local indoor stables together with your little one on the weekend or evenings. You can have some great bonding time while also connecting with some amazing animals. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the different benefits that are associated with horse riding. 

Improved posture – Because you are going to be sitting in specific poses in order to keep balanced, it is likely that you are going to notice that your posture outside of the saddle is going to improve as well.

Core strength – In order to keep from bouncing in the saddle and to stay balanced, you are going to need to use your core muscles. This is an isometric workout, which means certain muscles are targeted to keep in a specific position. You never know, you could end up with abs of steel after a while!

Good exercise – Horse riding is a great exercise for you and your little one. You may think that the horse is going to do all of the work. However, when have you seen a car move without the driver? You’re still going to need to put in the work in order to get your horse moving. Horse riding, therefore, counts as an exercise of a moderate intensity. 

Mental health benefits – Aside from the benefits that have already been discussed, you will also notice that there are mental health benefits associated with horse riding as well. It offers the perfect way of relaxing and taking your mind off day-to-day tasks. You have to focus on the task at hand, and this gives you the opportunity to really let go. Plus, both spending time with animals and exercising both raise levels of serotonin, which is the mood-enhancing hormone. This makes horse riding great for your emotions, brain, and body. 

Co-ordination and balance – You are going to need to support yourself properly while the horse turns and moves quickly. At first, you can hold onto the front of the saddle. However, you will get the hang of keeping upright without needing to hold on the more you do it. This will help with your balance and co-ordination considerably.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits that are associated with horse riding. This is certainly one of the best activities for parents and children to enjoy together. Not only is horse riding a lot of fun, but there are clearly a lot of benefits in terms of your health as well. So, why not give it a try once the lockdown has lifted?

Have you or your child ever been horse riding?

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