Weekend Wax- Yankee Meyler Lemon

Hi Guys
I have decided that every weekend I am going to post about what candle I have been burning that week. I burn candles when I am doing uni work because it seems to relax me so much and means I actually get something done instead of stressing about how much work I have to do. 
This week I have been burning the Yankee Candle Meyer Lemon now this scent was release way back in Spring 2012 which means that now it has been discontinued from Yankee shop but is still available online from other retailers. The sampler holder which I have is actually from Yankee as well it is available here I think it just makes burning candles even more cute. It is only £6.99 which is slightly expensive but it allows you to burn these equally
Meyler Lemon has not really got much of a throw which disappoints me because before you burn it the smell not as weak as once you have started burning. I though that this might have had a really nice clean fresh smell which would be good in my room right now was it is smo elling a bit horrid but this candle hasn’t made much difference. I really wouldn’t really repurchase this candle again because of these reasons. Currently I can’t find anywhere which has this in stock so I don’t know if you would be able to get any if you wanted to.

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