Ways To Save Money: Pregnancy Edition

You find yourself pregnant and of course, your mind turns to how you’re going to cope. Not just mentally and physically with a new addition to the family. Also, this can be a financial worry of how you’re going to be able to cope with the pressure of another member of the family.  You, of course, do not have to break the bank with all of these things which you are told you need to care for the newborn. I know some people have spent between £5,000 and £6,000 preparing for the baby. We managed to get a lot of what Jess needed quickly if you haven’t seen my story I will link it here. I think in total we only spent around £1,000 and then spent more as time went on. Today I am going to share with you some ways to save money when your pregnant or have a newborn.


I am one of these people who loves to be organised. So when we found out we were expecting again we made a list of all of the things which needed. We are lucky that we do still have the cot, pram and Moses basket from Jess. Of course, this helped massively when it comes to saving money. I have also made a list of what we have already so we do not end up with duplicates. This is also updated when we purchase some items as we do not want to have too much. I have another list of things which are essential for example we need to purchase a car seat, clothes and a changing bag. The final list is things we would like but feel like we may not need, if we have spare money or we see them on a good deal we will purchase them.

Ask Friends and Family

If any of your friends or family have had a baby recently they may have some items. I know when we had Jess we managed to purchase the pram of my cousin who was selling it. There is nothing wrong with it we just purchased some new covers. To be honest we are going to be using the same pram for this baby too. We actually borrowed the bouncer we used for Jess as well. Of course, this saved us having to purchase one. There were bits of clothing which we had been given as people had grown out it. This time sadly I do not think we have any friends or family who may be able to help by having spare items.

Shop Around

This is something which we have been doing for a long time. More so I would say since we had the house and we have more bills and responsibilities. Sometimes you are paying more because of the name of the brand, for example, things may be more expensive because they are mamas and papas. If you are not bothered about the name and just want it to do the job then you can save a lot of money. Sometimes I have seen things for half of the price because it not from as well known brand. They are all tested to the same kind of standards anyway and this is a good way to save some money.

Primark even does some amazing bits for babies which are a fraction of the price of other places. We have purchased a few items from there at the moment. I know we will end up visiting again before the baby is actually here. Places like home bargains and b&m also do some cheap bits. We have picked blankets up from because having a January baby means it is going to be cold.

Shop Second Hand

Babies grow so quickly this does mean that they do not wear their clothes a lot. Shopping second hand can mean that you are going to be able to save money. You also are not doing damage to the environment,we have been purchasing a few things second hand for this baby. We have got some babygrows and vests from the charity shop and second hand off facebook. Toys which you can just wipe down are always a good way, of course, babies do not know if they are brand new or preloved. I even purchased some cuddly toys for the baby preloved from Baby Dinosaurs. I even have some more items to share which I have picked up preloved from there markets.

The only thing I would not purchase second hand is a car seat. You never know if it has been in an accident or anything.  I would purchase a cot however, I would just get a new mattress the same with a Moses basket. Shopping second hand can save you a lot of money which is something you want when you have a new arrival on the way.  For sure I would recommend purchasing maternity clothing second hand as it can be so expensive. You can always sell items on when you are done with them as well. I have purchased a couple of bits at least of eBay.

Sales, Offers and Baby Events

Sales are something which we are always looking out for. I am lucky because I get emails from a lot of brands as a result of already having Jess. We are lucky to live near a Mothercare outlet which has huge bargains, for example, we picked up two grobags for £9 instead of £46. We have also picked up things in the sale from Mothercare and Matalan. These were just random sales which they had.  For sure I have things on my amazon wishlist and are likely to pick them up if they come on offer.

Asda has an upcoming baby sale and there is no doubt a few bits which I will pick up in there. I know that the rest of the supermarkets have baby events usually, they have about 4 of these a year. For sure this is something which I am keeping my eye out for. A lot of them do amazing clothing and Jess has a lot of supermarket clothing and we have never had a problem with them. I would recommend subscribing to mailing lists so you find out about sales and offers.

What did you do to save money when you were pregnant?

Charlotte xx



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