VBAC Or Elect Caesarean

Back in 2015 when I had Jess as an emergency caesarean I was ill prepared. I was unprepared I did not know how long the recovery was going to be and also the amount of things which I was going to be unable to do for a while. Such as limited the amount of stairs you go up and down and that you can not hoover for 6 weeks. I was lucky and I did not have a horrible recovery.

The reason why I had a caesarean was as a result of Jess’ heart rate dripping. I think I was only 4cm this means that I was a long way away from having a natural delivery. I had basically no choice but to have an emergency caesarean. As you might know after I struggled with postpartum hemorrhage I lost about 1/4 of my blood supply. This is rare apparently I have been told it is about 1-5% of births which happen to lose a considerable amount of blood.

As a result of my emergency caesarean this time around I have been under consultant led care. I am classed as high risk as well as a result of this. I have had to have consultant appointments at the hospital quite regularly, I think we have 3 before the birth. It does mean that I have more chance to air any of the concerns and anything which I am struggling with. Currently I have a cyst and I got to ask more questions about this because this is something which has been worrying me. Nobody has actually explained this when we have had scans in the past. There was also a concern that my placenta was too close to my cervix. The consultant has reassured us that it might as well be miles away.

Pregnancy after having a caesearen has more risks anyway there is a chance that the placenta will attach to your scar. This is something which they have to check at your 20 week scan. I think mine had to be done internally I seem to remember.

There is also the chance of your scar rupturing when you are in labour. Due to this risk you are not allowed a water birth or a midwife led unit. For us it means going to a hospital about 10 miles from where we live instead of the one down the road. This is because you have to be rushed into theatre and deliver within 10 minutes should it split. This is because it is dangerous for the mother and the baby. You also need a blood transfusion department in the hospital if you are attempting a VBAC. I think this is even more for me as a result of my postpartum hemorrohage last time.

There is a 60% success rate at the moment with VBAC. However, my chances of success would be lower than this due to previously been induced. They do not like to induce you when you are attempting a VBAC due to labour happening more quickly. Of course, this does then put more pressure on the scar. If you attempt a VBAC you have a higher risk of needing another emergency caesearen.

I spoke to my consultant at 24 weeks and she asked about my previous caesearen. She was willing to allow me to attempt an VBAC if this has been my choice. However, she agreed she has seen enough of them go wrong to understand my choice to choose for an elected caesearen. She even admitted if she was to have another child she would go down the elect route as well. I know some consultants are not as willing to give women caesearens and would rather push them down the VBAC route.

Yes there are still risks of course there is after all it is the biggest operation now apparently they do in the hospital. Most other operations are preformed via key hole. I have heard that they are more calming than a emergency. The consultant could not get hold of my notes which had the reason for my postpartum hemorrahage in. I will be monitored more closely after giving birth this time. There is only a slightly more increased risk they think of it happening again.

I am seeing the consultant again at 28 weeks after a scan. I have this scan to measure the cyst which she told me during the caesearen if they feel like it is necessary or they can they will remove. Also to check my placenta. We have been given a provisional date as well. However, it is not until 36 weeks we can get this booked in case I change my mind. For me having a planned caesearen is the best option. I know there is going to be a recovery time. I am lucky Joe is going to be able to be off for most of it to help with Jess and the newborn.

VBAC is for some but having had a traumatic birth first time this is not something I want to risk again. I would love to know how contractions feel but I know this is not going to be something I will ever experience. 95% sure that Player 4 is the last piece of the family.

If you have been in my position did you go VBAC or Elect Caesarean

Charlotte xx

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