Valentine’s Gift Guide For Her

Valentine’s Day is always one which ends up coming quicker and quicker every single year. It is just over a week away now so there is still some time to make a last minute gift purchase. Valentine’s Day is not one which we end up breaking the bank over. Usually Joe and I set a limit of around the £10 mark for a small gift. Last year I purchased him a hot wheels car the car he wishes he could have. In return I received a lovely mug and some soap in the shape of a rose. It just goes to show that you do not have to break the bank. Today I am going to share with you some ideas for this year.

A romantic night in– yes if does not have to be a physical gift which you give this year. Save the money by not going out and why not cook some amazing food together. Cooking food together is a good time to bond and something which Joe and I love to do. The Saucy Fish Co could have the answer Salmon is something which I would opt for. You could have it with something simple like potatoes and then there is always room for desert. I think this is a perfect idea. If you order from The Saucy Fish Co for Valentine’s you get a special sauce which is packed with three aphrodisiacs so it will get you heading for the bedroom.

We have had a few meals from The Saucy Fish Co. They have all been delicious and packed with flavour. You could cook any meal which you like including pasta or anything you love. For sure cooking is something which we will be doing this Valentine’s.

Lipstick- If you know your partner wears lipstick why not treat them to a shade.It means every time they wear it they can think of you. If you are unsure what they like why not have a snoop in their make up bag and see what shades they are wearing. You could even make it into a date where you take her to the counter and get the lipstick which she wants. This means that you can get what she wants and you also get a day out which can be a huge bonus. As time is something which Joe and I struggle to do this would be amazing.

Avenno Body Lotion- Something which you may want to purchase this valentine’s. You want to make sure that you or your partner has skin which is amazing. This then could mean that you are more likely to give them a massage which is something your partner may appreciate. I know I love getting a good massage. Having soft skin which is moisturised is something which makes you feel more confident anyway. This is a product which I love because always want as smooth skin as you can get. This is so natural and can be used on babies skin so it is not to worry if you have so sensitive skin.

Handbag– If you other half needs another handbag then this could be seen as a good time to purchase her one. Joe actually purchased me a new bag for Christmas because I needed a small every day bag. I do not need as much stuff now that Jess has become older. If you want to treat the love of your life to something which they are going to use a lot of the time. You do not have to spend a fortune on a bag it does not have to be designer. There are some beautiful bags on the high street in stores including New Look.

Card Holder– If you other half is anything like me then they will hate to carry change. This means that you do not need a huge section for change. I think this is one of the reasons I barely carry my purse around. Another thing which Joe purchased me for Christmas because I kept losing my cards. I find it so handy to now have all my cards together and it is a practical present. I hate getting something which is not practical as a present because I do not need to add more things to my house. TKmaxx is where I have seen some beautiful card holders in the past and usually they are not that expensive.

Massage Oil– as a qualified sports massage therapist giving and receiving massages are something I love to do. Having some some really nice smelling erotic massage oil is something which would make I give more massages. Indigo armatherapy massage oils actually have erotic and intimate oils which may make your partner more in the mood for some love. In the intimate bliss massage oil there is a blend which intends to stir passion, increase libido and bring states of sexual satisfaction and bliss. A whole bottle which is 100ml and will last you a long time so this is a bargain for £6.99. Purchasing this as a gift means that you may even be able to receive a lot more massages off your partner which is always a bonus. I think this would be an amazing gift.

Mugs – I am one of these people who love to drink a lot of coffee I think this this could be due to working from home. Mugs are something which I have have been gifted a few times over the last few year. I actually purchased on myself this year from Poundland of all places. I actually saw it on Holly Vlogs video they have some super cheeky adult ones. Including I suppose you will do and the one which I purchased you where only meant to be a one night stand. I think these ate great for £1 and something which I will get a lot use from this mug. They are a good size as well they are not small mugs which I hate.

Shampoo- This sounds a really strange one to suggest but why not save them some money. Shampoo is something which we we all need. As you may notice this is not one which is in a bottle. Procoal are a brand which sell solid shampoo now this is something which I have been using for over a year. A solid shampoo can actually last 3 times longer than a 250ml bottle of shampoo. This would save your partner some money because they are not having to purchase shampoo. I actually love it because I find them so easy to travel with them. They are £7 which is not going to break the bank and you know that they are always going to have amazing hair.

Flowers– Of course, you can always go for the classic flowers. I have never actually been bought flowers which I know is shocking. Flowers are something which I think make a home feel more homely and lovely. I love having flowers in. Valentine’s is another occasion when it is perfect for flowers to be in the home. You do not actually have to go to the shops and pick out some flowers you can now order them online. This is something which I have done in the past to other people. Appleyard allow you to to order the day before up to 7pm. The flowers are actually guaranteed for a least a week which means your going to get you money worth.

These are just some of the ideas which you could get your female partner. This valentine’s day of course you can spend whatever your budget to show the love of your life you love them. What are you buying your love this valentine’s.

Charlotte xx


This post includes PR samples however, all views and words are my own.

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