Use Up Challenge Beauty Update #1

Hi sorry for no posts last week had only mobile internet.

I thought that I would update you in the use up challenge so you  know how I am doing.

The Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter

I have used this a few times this week after I have had a bath. I have now hit pan on this product I would say that I still have around 25% left which is pretty good if I keep using it at this rate hopefully by the end of the month this product will be empty. 

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser

I have been very bad this week and only actually used this once this week naughty me I know I should use this every night but I have been so in need of my sleep this week. I would say that there is also around 25% left so if I want to use this up this month I need to use it more regular.

Palmolive Soft And Gentle Roll On

I have had not used this this week because of the fact that I have been using my impulse to try and get rid of that it is hard to judge how much of this product is left but hopefully I will get this used up by the end of the month I guess I might if I start using the product.

The Body Shop Skin Clearing Toner

I have used this product once because this week I have been rejecting my skincare routine over sleep but I noticed that there is around 10% of this product left so I use this normally this week I might soon have this used up maybe this week or next.

Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze

This I have used once because of the fact that my nails  have only been painted once this week . There is still around 50% left which I am not happy about as I really am not liking the product and can’t see me using this up this month.

Baptiste Dry Shampoo

I used this once when I was in a rush the other day so I have not used an amazing amount of this product this week but I think that there is only around 20-25% left of this product which means I will need to by a new one soon.

Avon Nail Experts Nail Varnish Remover

I have used this once on myself and once on my mum this week but I feel like this product is not going down but now there around 10-15% left so depending on how much I paint my nails this product could be gone in a couple of weeks.

Fergie Outspoken Perfume

This I have sprayed when I have been going out which has only been a couple of times this week so I will not have used that much but this product seems to be ever lasting and I still have around 25% of this left so it is unknown if I will get it finished this month but hopefully.

Solutions Vibes Cleansing Pads

Ewww this product that I hate so much really don’t like using so I am glad that there is only 8 left of them so if I use one every time that I get a bath they should be gone before the end of the month which I will be so happy about.

Belle Cuticle Oil

I have used this twice this week which is not bad for me because I used to forget about using it which is not good but after these uses I have found that there is around 5% left which makes me sad because liked this product but I can’t find it anywhere so I have had to buy another brand of cuticle oil.

Impluse Goddess

This I have used 5 days out of 7 because I have not been doing to much that I can’t use it so this has left me with around 10-15% of it left it is hard to tell when it is in tin though. I will not be using this as much from now on as I am back to college tomorrow and can’t use it for that so its back to after baths where I don’t shave under arms. Hopefully this will be used in the next few weeks 

Outspoken Intense Body Spray

I would say that there is about 80% of this left if not more I have not been using this as I have been trying to use up the Impluse Goddess first as I know there is less in this so maybe I will not get this used up this month.

What products are you trying to use up.

Charlotte x

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4 thoughts on “Use Up Challenge Beauty Update #1

  1. I have decided to do this instead of a spending ban because I would fail at one of them. Body Shop do some amazing products I agree and I got the Belle Cuticle Oil in a set for christmas one year but I am trying a new cuticle oil out as well so look for a review coming soon.

    Charlotte x

  2. A use up challenge is such a good idea. It's something I could be doing with since I have an evergrowing amount of beauty products, would help me spend less too!
    I luv body shop stuff, and where did you get the Belle cuticle oil from? I'm looking for a good cuticle oil!

    By the way, I've just nominated you the Versatile Blogger Award, it'll be great of you could check it out x

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