Unisex Baby Clothing Haul

Today I am going to be sharing with you some of the baby clothing items which we have already purchased for player 4. As you might know by now we are not finding out the gender we are keeping it a surprise until they arrive. I promise even we do not know the gender and are not keeping it from you.  So a lot of the things which you see in this haul are going to be white or very neutral colours for this reason.

I think a lot of the items I can not remember if all are from the supermarkets and other shops which are not going to break the bank. I know there may be some sales items included in here because we have been keeping our eyes open.

Some of the items are 0-3 with some been 3-6. We have a small amount of newborn and first size which we got preloved. However, since Jess was a 8lb 2oz I am not expecting this one to be too small and want clothes to last. We are lucky that the hospital that they will be born in is not far from Mothercare Outlet and I can send Joe should we need newborn or tiny baby.

The first item which I am going to show you is not even a clothing item. It is a pack of two grobags from the grobag company. We picked these up again in the Mothercare outlet it cost us £9 for both of them. We have picked up the 2.5 tog ones due to the baby been born in the winter. This is suitable for 16-20c.

This is going to be perfect to use one they are 8lb 13oz which is the minimum they can be. Sleeping bags are not something we used with Jess however, are for sure something we will be using with this baby. I think this is because I am aware of them now. Also it is going to be a lot colder than September. These should have been £47.50 so I think we got a steal. We have an apple design and a really patterned one. For sure these are going to be used a lot and we could not leave them.

The next time which we have is a pack of 4 vests in 0-3 from B&M. Normally this is not a place which I would have thought about shopping at for clothes. However, one day when we were in there I actually saw these and picked them up. I seem to remember Jess had some in the past from B&M. There is a stripy one, a panda design, a cute and cuddle and finally one which says cute and cuddly. These are going to be essential when we have player 4 here. Vests are something you can not have too many of. Hopefully, these wash well and can be on constant rotation. I think this is one of the first cute unisex packs of vests we have found. Usually, they are either plain or gendered. This set cost us £4.99. For sure I will be checking B&M out again in the future for baby clothes.

We have also picked up some more vests because I noticed Matalan where having a good sale. I decided to pick up a couple of bits for the baby then. The first item I picked up was this pack of 5 vests. Of course, these are going to be an essential. These are very neutral even thought they have patterns on them they are animals and even have giraffes which are some of my favourite animals. I think I picked these up for around £3.75 however, I am not that sure it was over a month ago. These we picked up in 0-3 months.

We also picked up another pack from Matalan which were 3-6 months. These are from the guess how much I love you collection. These were more expensive again I can not remember fully how much these were however, they for sure was not £7. These feel good quality and I know we are going to use them. I am going to store them till the baby is actually in this size. To me these look very pretty even though they are going to be hidden most of the time.

We have been lucky to manage to get some bits in the Aldi baby event. We actually picked up some cloth nappies because this is something we wanted to use. I picked up some other bits as well which I knew we was going to need. The first item is these dribble bibs they are something which you need when you have a baby. These are neutral and I love the fox design. Of course, they can end up been ruined from milk and stuff. These were £2.99 for the pack of 3 and they feel like really good quality. I was amazing to see that these were neutral too.

Muslin’s are something else which we could not do without. I remember using them a lot when Jess was a baby when burping and cleaning her up. Aldi also had the fox and the arrows muslin’s which is also in the bibs. I know I am going to be picking up some more muslin’s before they arrive. These do feel soft which is amazing because I worry some of the cheaper brands are going to be more scratchy than soft. This was not the case and they were only £2.99 again for 3 so I am not bothered if baby ruins these as well.

Baby towels are something which can be so pricey. I have seen a few which I like which have been way more than I actually wanted to pay. So of course, I had to go and have a look at the baby sale at Aldi. Again I wanted them to be soft and good quality. I was happy with the quality so purchased both the foxes and the sloth ones. They come with a wash mitt as well which is great for £3.99 each. For sure this is something which we will be getting a lot of use out of once baby is here.

I hope you like seeing what we have purchased for the baby. I am sure we will be doing a few more of these hauls before the baby is actually here.

Charlotte xx



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