Turning Your Home Into A Child-Friendly Haven

As soon as you become a parent, you embark on a mission to keep your kids safe. Adjusting to life with children is not always easy.  Especially when it comes to modifying your home and trying to find a balance between letting them learn and shielding them from danger. If you’ve recently moved house, you’re a new parent, or you’re looking to bolster your defences to keep inquisitive tots out of trouble. Here are some practical tips to turn your house into a child-friendly haven. 

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Carry out an audit of harmful goods 

Many of us don’t give much thought to what we keep in the kitchen or bathroom cupboards, but when you have children, you have to wise up to potential risks around the home. Carrying out an audit is a great way to make sure that you know where hazardous chemicals or products live. Making sure that they are stored out of the reach of tiny fingers or paws. Keep household cleaning products and items like weedkiller and medicines in locked cupboards.

Make sure your home is secure

No parent wants to worry about break-ins and burglars when they’re dealing with sleepless nights or trying to keep pace with a toddler whizzing around the house. Today, we can take advantage of innovative, sophisticated security measures, including smart systems that link to your phone and robust security doors. If you don’t already have a burglar alarm, or you’ve been thinking about swapping your doors and windows.  Browse online galleries, research different products and systems, read reviews and get some quotes. 

Keep children safe on the stairs

Falling down the stairs is one of the most terrifying prospects for parents, especially those with young children. If you have toddlers or a baby, make sure your stairs are safe. Use stair gates to block off the entrances and keep stairways clear of obstructions that could pose a trip hazard. Even a single step can be dangerous for kids that are still finding their feet. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. 

Protecting children from plug sockets

Plug sockets can be a source of intrigue and interest for children who have recently learned to crawl or walk. Usually, sockets are placed at a height that is accessible to young children. Sticking fingers in the holes might seem like a fun idea. To prevent electrical injuries, it’s beneficial to invest in plug guards and to ensure that these are placed inside the sockets when your appliances are unplugged. It’s also an excellent idea to encourage your children to avoid sockets from an early age. Teach them not to touch as soon as they start to show an interest. As your kids get older, you can explain why sockets are dangerous and why they can’t touch them. 

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Every parent wants to shield their child from danger. It’s not always possible to avert every accident, but there are steps you can take to turn your home into a safe, child-friendly haven. Secure your home, invest in stair gates and socket covers and make sure dangerous products are kept under lock and key.

How do you keep your child safe?

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