Troy at 6 Months


Dear Troy


How are you already 6 months old it seems like we have blinked and now we are here. This may be because of the fact that you have had to spend half of your life locked down because of COVID-19. This means that our family have only been able to see your a few times in person. There not going to believe how much you have grown when they can see you again.

You are coming on so much at the moment you are becoming so cheeky. It is something which is so nice to see you love to now sit or lay on your mat and babble away to us. I sometimes wish I could understand what you are saying and be inside your head. You clearly shout Mama when you want you want me and I am not the only person who claims that it is Mama. Even Daddy, Grandma and Grandad have heard it and agree with me. Blowing raspberries is something which you have mastered in the last few weeks as well. It adds your cheekiness which is something we are loving. You would not be Troy without been cheeky.

When you are having milk now you love turn your head and try and cover milk all over me and your mouth. I tend to do most of your feeds now. You have recently upped your bottles to 7oz and sometimes we find that you are still downing bottles. We now can not eat food without you looking at us like please can I have some. I think you are so ready for food and this is something which we are going to start in the next few weeks. We are planning on going down the baby led weaning route.

When it comes to sleep you are not as amazing as your sister who slept through from 7 weeks. I think this is because you do not have a dummy. You wake up now only once for a bottle which I can deal with and we have had it were you have slept through a couple of times. By sleeping through we mean you have managed 10pm to 6am. You have started having naps in your cot because it is nearly time for you to leave our room. You are slowly getting used to having more space. At first you used to scream every time you got put in it. It is good that you have now changed your mind.

You have been loving your Jumperoo since we got it. I think it is because you like to bounce and burn your off some of that energy which you always seem to have at the moment. You have wanted to stand and be on your feet more since you have been around 4 months old. I think this is because you see everyone else been so active and you want to be too. You love it when I do a workout close to your Jumperoo it just seems to get you bouncing even more I don’t know how that is possible.

Everyone else is busy your age rolling around the place but you would rather roll and lay on your side. I do not think you have mastered a full roll from back to front yet. This is not something which I am worried about as long as your happy. You like to end up some how rotating 45 degrees a lot of the time and this is something which you always seem to be proud of. You are always trying to get hold of your toes and kicking your legs. Your core must be so strong because your always doing exercise. I am so jealous I want a core like yours.

You are still obsessed with carrying a muslin around with you for comfort. That or one of the Jellycat bunnies which you have I think there going to be your favourite cuddly toys if I am honest with you. You are still teething with your front bottom two been so close to coming through. At the moment you can be found dribbling also with your fingers in your mouth to chew. You also love to put Daddy’s fingers in and try and bit if he leaves his fingers close you guide them into your mouth.

Here is to the future and seeing what happens in the next few months.


Love you lots

Mummy xxxx

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