Troy at 2

Dear Troy

Some how you have managed to turn 2. It does not seem that long since you was born and now you are a toddler. In the last year or so your personality has really come threw and you have shined. You have become a really cheeky little man and you are a pleasure to be around. Even if you can be a daredevil some of the time. Plus you do like to cause some havoc but that is just your personality and I would not change you for the world.

There is so much which you have managed to master this year. You have mastered walk and want to walk everywhere now. Sometimes this does not always allow because we have the school run which may just be a little bit too far for you.  Mastering the stairs is something you have learnt too. Even if I hate it now you have decided you know how to come downs on your own now. You have started speaking more recently you have started saying thank you. This is one of the cutest things. I hope your manners are something which you keep up as you grow because of course we want a really nice polite little boy.

In the last few months you have really become obsessed with cars and vehicles. You love nothing more than been able to play with the wheels. Often you will make a car sound when playing with some of the other toys which we have. You really love to play with the cars which we have and the toot toot you drive them along the tv stand. This seems one of your favourite places to play at the moment. If not you are playing in the toy kitchen which is something else which you love to play with as well. This is your sisters old one but you have decided that you love it. You are often bring your creations for me to eat.

You also love to throw things even if it is things which you are not mean to be throwing. I am sure this is just a stage which you are going through. Wait till you are able to play outside and throw a ball you are going to have a whale of a time. You love been able to play outside even if it is not something which you have been able to do for a few months now. In the summer there was nothing more you love than been able to play outside on the slide which we have. In the summer you will also have your trike and car which you are going to be able to use. Fingers crossed we have a nice summer and you can get the paddling pool out for weeks too.

Often you will still give me a huge cuddle this is something you tend to do when you are tired. This is something which I love because after all we do not want our little boy growing up too fast. You have to stay small for ever that is part of the rules. Even though I can see you growing up fast because you want to be like your big sister.  I am sure that you are going to be wanting to colour like her. I wonder if you are going to be a bookworm as well like the rest of the family.

This year we have started going to two baby groups and have met so many people. Some of them have become great friend of our. Hopefully these are friendship which you can keep for a long time. For sure I know we will be trying to go every week to them.

Food is something which you love as well. I think we are yet to find something which you do not want to eat. I know we are very lucky to have this. Custard Creams and banana’s currently seem to be something which you love. You have been obsessed with bananas for a long time now and have at least one a day now. This is something which I can not complain about at all.

Sleep is something else which you love. You actually hate it if we have to wake you up for any reason. Again this is something which I am super proud of you. Both you and your sister have been great sleepers which is something which I can not complain about.

I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next year. I am sure we will go more adventures and be able to more memories. This is something I can’t wait to do

Happy Birthday Troy

Love from Mummy xxx



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