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Hey Guys

Sorry this is not a very upbeat post but this is something which I needed to get off my chest.

I was just browsing twitter today just like us bloggers do and I noticed a trending which was saying #Cutforliam so I clicked on it and it was one direction fans saying that they should self harm for Liam. Now I don’t understand why they were doing this.

I myself have struggled with self harm since the age of around 14 this is when I started it was so easy to do and it felt like it was the best feeling in the world but as time went on it became harder to hard the scars which formed. I had to wear long sleeves even in the summer months so I used to basically boil and couldn’t bear it any more.

So I had to stop there I had to throw all of the things which I used to harm myself with. I was a really slow process because I had become addicted which is never a good thing . I would advise anyone who currently harms to tell someone about it and not let it affect you life any more. If you can’t tell someone who is close to you I am always here for you guys you can email me any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

It is not worth losing your life to a girl 2 years younger than me who went to the same school died of this just two months ago this is another reason why I wanted to speak out and say how suicide is not something that should be seen as good and neither should self harm.

Sorry for the downbeat post guys

Charlotte x

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