Toys Our One Year Old Loves

Today I am going to be sharing with you the toys which my one year old loves. I found it hard when it came to his Birthday and Christmas to know what to buy him. I do not think this helps the fact that his birthday is only 6 days after Christmas. By sharing the toys which he loves I hope this will inspire you if you are looking to purchase toys for a one year old. There is some toys which may be aimed at older children however, there are ones which Troy loves playing with anyway.

Vtech Toot Toot

This is something which we purchased a lot of for his Birthday/ Christmas. He had one before this which he had played with a lot and this is why we purchased more. We do have some of the track but this is not something which we get out a lot as this can take up a lot of space . Troy does prefer to push them around the floor. There perfect for his small hands there easy for him to be able to crawl and push around. We do not always have the sound on the toot toot. I am not going to  lie they can get super annoying if the sound is on when he is constantly pressing them. We have a lot of toot toot and they all seem to be loved. This is something both Jess and Troy love playing with currently Toot Toot is not something which we had with Jess at all. I think the track is going to be something which I get out more. Maybe this is going to be something which we can get out at half term when Jess has a break. Since they both do actually like them.


This is something else which we bought him a bag of for Christmas. Jess has always had megablocks and this is something which she still plays with at the moment. Of course, Troy has seen her playing with them and wants to join in. He wants to be a big boy at first it was just Troy taking them off the builds that Jess had made. Now he has been able to add bricks to builds. For sure there, a present which I would highly recommend as they can grow into this toy. They last for a long time and you can always add to your megablock collection. During the summer holiday’s we have purchase a megablock tables. This was from the charity shop for sure I would recommend looking to purchase these second hand if you can.

Cars/ Garage

I know this is as a result of having an older sister who likes to play with cars and has a garage in the front room. Troy likes to stand up holding it and then pushing them down the ramps attached to the garage. Some of the cars he loves playing with are hot wheels. So not exactly some of the biggest car we own. Troy has also worked out that if he pushed the cars on the dining room floor which is laminate they go faster. This is something which we could expand our collection of over the years when Troy gets older. It is something which he has not stopped playing with since he turned one. This is the actual garage which kids have it is from Argos we managed to get it on sale and it is still played with nearly two years after purchase. I would say it is played with all most daily. For sure a garage is something which I would highly recommend.



This is something Troy has loved since he had his sensory balls about a year ago. Since he has been able to move he has only increased his love of balls he loves trying to catch. Now he has been using his football which he has in the garden when we had the nice weather.  He also has a ball which has a rattle in it which is soft ball. This is something which Troy often pushes around the house and then goes crawling around after it or chasing after it now he can walk a lot more. The balls which he has are no bigger than the palm of my hand. Don’t worry we do not encourage him to throw and kick them to smash things. We do not want breakage’s.

Ball Drop

This is something which Troy has a couple of well the other is more like clicky clacky cars. However, the concept is very similar. If this is something which you are unfamiliar with it is a toy which you put a ball or car on the top level. Then it rolls and to where there is a hole and this is where it drops to the next level. This is something which I remember my brother having a number of years ago. This is something which Troy has played with a lot he never used to be able to get the top. As he has grown he has now been able to master this. Often when I am doing something such as getting something from the kitchen this is a toy I will see him playing with. This is one which he got for his birthday. It is one which my parents purchase from Amazon.



As an avid reader this is something which makes me super happy to see Troy having an interest in books. Of course, he is not able to read them himself because of his age. He does however, love flicking through them. Some of his favourite ones are that’s not my books which have sensory touchy feely elements. These are something which we have only discovered with Troy. He also likes books which have sound to them there is one of the books which he has worn the batteries out which is a race car. He also has a book which is a duck which he loves as well. Often he can be found pulling his books out of the little bookshelf we got second hand which is originally from Ikea for him. This allows him to be able to have access to his books or a small selection of them in the front room.  Jess also really loves to read to him as well.


This is something which we actually got for free on Olio at the start of the year. This is something which Troy loved during the summer months. It is something which he learnt to master. At the start of the summer we had to put him on the top of it and let him slide down. By the end of the summer he mastered climbing the stairs and sliding down himself. This is something which I would recommend if you have a garden which is big enough. Again this is something which I would recommend trying to get second hand if you can. They are often on Facebook and can be very pricey to purchase new.

What toys did your one year old love?

Charlotte x





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