Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

If you follow me on social media just before Easter Jess got chicken pox.  This is something which she really suffered with as you can tell from the picture above she does not actually look like herself her eyes looks so dark and she looks so out of it. That is apart from been covered in really bad spots as you can see the one near her boob looks really angry I think this was one of the worse ones which she actually got.

During this period of time I when Jess was struggling I was given so much advice on what people to me would help get rid of the pox which is something I needed to do because of the fact that we were going away a few days after the pox came out .I think it was around a week after she got sent home from nursery. I am going to share with you what I found worked when she was struggling.

  • Bicarbonate Soda baths this is something which Jess had multiple of during this time. This is supposed to help the healing and stop itching I did not want to use body washes or anything during this time cause I did not want to irritate them you can pick this up down the baking isle in the supermarket.
  • Making sure that unless she needed to we kept her out of clothes she had her dressing gown on so that she did not get cold. The reason behind this is I did not want Jess to scratch the scabs as they form when they are healing. I didn’t want to prevent the healing stage because we wanted to get her back to full health as soon as possible. 
  • Pirition is something else which Jess used because we wanted to stop the itching because I am sure that if we had let her she would scratch them. I think she only got caught scratching a couple of times and I think that this could be a reason why because they were not itching as much.  Children who get chicken pox over the age of one can use this however, you might want to check with a pharmacy before you give your child this product. 
  • I was recommended to use calamine lotion but I found it so hard to apply to Jess because it was always cold and she did not want me touching her. Let alone stay still long enough for me to apply it. I actually was lucky to get sent a tube of Care Virasoothe which is a gel that provides cooling and soothing relief reducing the urge to scratch. It also claims that it helps prevent scarring. This is something we loved because Jess allowed us to apply it and actually I think she looked forward to the relief as some of the worst spots were around her nappy area. 
  •  Make sure that you have some calpol on hand we found that it was a godsend because it took any of the pain which she may have been in away. Due to the fact that Jess still had chicken pox when she was pretty young, it meant that she could not tell us we only knew she needed some relief when she was piercing screaming.
  • Make sure that your child is getting enough fluids because when you are ill it is easy to become dehydrated. Offer them juice more often than you may normally do because they may not want to eat a lot if they are anything like Jess was when she had them. For sure I had to make sure that she was really drinking a lot more than she would normally do in order to prevent her becoming really poorly

These are my top tips do you have any others to parents who may be dealing with chicken pox?

Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, this does not affect my opinon 
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7 thoughts on “Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

  1. Some great tips, I remember using calamine when I had mine when I was little… it was always cold then as well!! I think my mum used to put yoghurt on us, which sounds very random now I think about it!

  2. Some good tips to refer to, thank you. Both of my kids had chicken pox when they were v little and didn't seem to suffer with it too much, I think you can get it more then once and obviously very uncomfortable and dangerous if passed onto older people

  3. Brilliant tips. Carly got it when we were away in Majorca and it was so horrible being in a hot place so far away from home when she was feeling so poorly. All I know is you aren't meant to give them nurofen when they have chicken pox, although I can't remember why! x

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