Top Tips for Fancy Dress As A Student

Doing fancy dress is not something which we do a lot as adults but when we do we want to make sure that everything is perfect.  As a student, I have managed to have a fair few great times which have included fancy dress as socials most Wednesdays have a theme if you are part of a sports club. This is not forgetting freshers along with when friends have fancy dress parties. At the moment is hen and stag do season because everyone is getting married.  Today I am going to share with you some of my top tips for making sure your fancy dress is in top form as an adult.

Make sure you know your theme

There is nothing worse than getting the theme wrong and standing out like a sore thumb. Make sure you read the theme completely to avoid this for example if your theme is 1950’s research that era making sure your outfit is suitable rather than going something you think is from that era. Only to find out that your fancy dress is actually 1920’s or something this could be very embarrassing.

 Work on make-up/face paint

Using makeup or face paint can help you transform into the character who you want to be without having to splash the cash on fancy dress. This also does mean that you may avoid having an uncomfortable costume an example of this is if you want to go as the Hulk face paint could make a huge difference to how good your fancy dress looks.

Reuse/ Repurpose

A great idea if you are a student is to get things which you are going to be able to reuse for a number of different fancy dress outfits. For example, this old lady fancy dress wig could be used for any fancy dress which includes a grandma so I know we had a night where we went out as Grandma’s it could also double up for Halloween and I am sure plenty more occasions. There multiple other ones which work like this, for example, green spray painted torso  Hulk can be repurposed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell; reuse that Where’s Wally top for a Pirate or Sailor theme, and those red shorts you had for 118 118 can be repurposed as part of a lifeguard outfit. The possibilities to recycle your outfits really are endless.

Charity Shops

These are a great place to visit as you can get things for dirt cheap. Grandad socials are hard because you don’t usually have things which older people would dress in however, charity shops can be loaded with them.  The same can be said for Hawaiian shirts you can still save money and look amazing.


Just because you live with someone does not mean that they will be attending the same socials as you. Neither does it mean that those on your course will be in the same social which means that you will have different themes to them. Something which we did when I was at uni was to share fancy dress and accessories which meant that we were saving money all the time. If we could borrow us would I think I saved loads on swords, handcuffs and other accessories doing this.

What are your memories of fancy dress at uni or as an adult?


Charlotte xxx




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