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Painting my nails is something which I love to do as some of know I think I have tried to do project polish for the last couple of years and have ended up failing which I know is not very good. I might actually do it next year if I end up having enough time. This month has seen me use my first ever full nail polish though so this is a huge achievement for me. When the summer comes around it just makes me want to pain my nails even more and I even start painting my toe nails which is something which I never end up doing in the winter months. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite shades for the summer months.

The first shade which I reach for is this Barry M shade in Coral it is one of their standard line nail polishes so can be picked up for around £3. This is not a full on orange colour but has a baseline orange colour however, it is one which looks amazing with a tan so this is one of the reasons why I gravate to this colour at this time of the year. It is one which looks amazing on either the finger nails or the toes and it can last for between 3-5 days with a top coat without a top coat I find the formula of this polish poor and I can chip it within 24 hours. 
The next shade is another one from Barry M which I think is around £4 because it is from the Gelly Hi shine range this polish is the shade I think Pink Punch however, I have used this so much that the the shade name has actually rubbed off . If anyone knows the shade of this can you please leave me a comment. This shade is another one which I can get between 3-5 days without fully on chipping however, this is not one which I end up putting a top coat over the top. I think I might have to have a look at the rest of the range and pick some more up because I love this so much.
When I originally started blogging Mint Candy Apple by Essie which you could not get for love nor money do this is when I picked up this shade my Model’s Own which is called Apple Pie and it is slightly scented which you can not really smell due to the polish smelling so chemically. This is one which I love to wear on my toes all year round but only seem to reach for this in the spring/summer months for my fingers. This again is one which I have to use with a top coat because otherwise I find can chip pretty easy but I feel like I can get between 3-5 days with a top coat before I either need to change the polish or reapply. This polish is £4.99 and is part of the model’s own scented collection. It may be an oldie but for me it is still a classic which I reach for.
I will admit this one you may class as cheating because of the fact that it is a little mini polish however, it is one of my favourites which is called Bond with whom ever from Essie. This for sure is going to be a shade which I am going to repurchase in full size should the shade still be available. I love this because it is not a vivid purple shade it is one which is very muted and its almost an amazing lilac colour so if you are someone who does not love vivid colours all summer and still love pastel colours it is one for you. Essie can be found cheap sometimes on websites such as fragrance direct. I love this shade and then it lasts for up to 5 days with a top coat which is amazing. I have been known to reapply this nail polish after having it on before. 
The final shade which I am going to share with you today is the Ruffle and Feather’s shade from Essie which is a shade which I find really hard to describe it is a beautiful Green kind of colour but not to dull which would make you think of the winter. I love this shade because we all need a bit of a change from the bright shades and the pastels every so often so this is one which I am reaching for. I love this and again I get between 4-5 days wear with this without chipping which is amazing I do but a top coat on but can manage 2-3 days without. 
What are your favourite summer nail polish shades?
Charlotte x

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