Tips On Keeping Your Little Ones Safe During A Home Renovation

There are all kinds of reasons why a home renovation could be a good idea. You might want to transform a room of your house, perhaps converting a spare room into a child’s playroom, for example. You might want to raise the value of your home too, perhaps with a refit of your kitchen to create something suited to the modern home buyer. And there might be parts of your home that are in disrepair, so to get on top of them, you might need to commit to a few renovations for the protection of both your home and your family. So, if you are planning on a home renovation soon, we hope everything goes smoothly and successfully. Check out our home improvement tips for some handy advice before you get started. 

Still, as a parent, it is important to consider one important aspect before work starts. We are, of course, talking about the safety of your little ones. When your home renovation project begins, your home will start to look like a building site. With dangerous objects lying around, dust and other pollutants filling the air, and strangers entering your home, there is much you need to consider when it comes to the health and safety of your children. Thankfully, we have some suggestions to help you. Take a look below, read what we have to say, and then consider each point in relation to your family and home situation.

#1: Hire the right contractors

Unless you are hiring somebody you know well, it is important to research local building firms in your area. You can do this by asking friends and family for recommendations, checking local business listing sites for customer reviews online, and by doing a Google search for any tidbits of information you can find about local builders in the local news. By taking these measures, you are less likely to hire somebody disreputable, and where the safety of your kids is concerned, this is paramount. A respected building contractor will adhere to health and safety rules. They won’t leave your home in a dangerous mess. They will restrict entry to hazardous areas. And they will communicate safety aspects to you and your family.  So, be sure to do your research beforehand, and before hiring, ask for proof of their credentials to be doubly sure you are hiring the right people for the jobs you are asking them to do. 

#2: Take safety measures if you are renovating your home yourself

If your home renovation project is something you can take on alone, then fine. However, you need to use your common sense when doing so, as you do need to consider your children’s safety. So, install safety gates or plastic tarp to keep your children away from potentially hazardous areas. Open windows where it is safe to do so to provide ventilation in dusty areas of your home. Make sure you put tools away after finishing work for the day. Safely contain your building construction products. And for your younger children, bring in a childminder to look after them while you’re working. By taking these steps, you will reduce the chances of an accident or health issue. 

#3: Talk to your children about safety hazards

If your children are old enough to understand the dangers around them, then it is important to talk to them before work begins. So, if hiring contractors to come into your home, talk to your children about stranger danger. While some building firms will have DBS checks in place, it is still in your best interest to remind your children to be wary about other adults.  You should also remind your children not to get in the way of the construction staff working on your property. Being inquisitive, your children might want to talk to the builders about what they are doing, and they might want to lend a hand, but by causing a distraction, safety issues might arise.

Talk to your children about the tools that are being used too. They might be desperate to get their hands on them if they are keen to help you, but certain pieces of equipment, such as drills and hammers, are obviously dangerous. Explain these dangers to your children to ensure they are fully aware of the consequences that could befall them. And be sure to talk to your children about the importance of washing hands after entering dusty and dirty areas, as you don’t then want your little ones touching foods with contaminated fingers.

#4: Get your children out of the house

It might be that you all leave your property for a few days or weeks while work is being done on your home. If you have an extended family member or a friend willing to put you all up for a while, then take the opportunity to do so. Not only will your children be safer, but you will all be able to keep your sanity levels too when you’re away from your home’s noisy and dirty environment. And if it isn’t possible for you all to leave home, you might at least consider the possibility for your kids. They will then be out of harm’s way, and you will have the peace of mind knowing that they aren’t in any danger within your home.If you are all staying put as a family, you should still get out of the house occasionally.

The fresh air will do you all a world of good after being in a dusty and noisy environment, so take every opportunity to do so. Especially when the builders are involved in work that could result in toxic pollutants being released into the air, this needs to be a priority. Finally, and especially if you are working on your home yourself, try to timetable your renovations when the kids are otherwise engaged. So, you might work during school hours, for example, or when your young ones are involved in after-school activities. By being out of the way, you will have more time to concentrate on what you need to do, and your kids will be out of harm’s way while you’re busy.


We hope these suggestions were useful to you, but let us know your thoughts. And if you have any other helpful safety tips for our readers, be sure to add your ideas in the comments section below.


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