Tips For Selling Unwanted Items

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Selling unwanted things is something which we have done for a number of years. We sold a lot before we moved house in order not to have to transport it. We have also ended continuing this to make more in order to pay for some of the extras. I have used a number of different sites including eBay, Vinted and Facebook Marketplace. Today I am going to be sharing some the tips which I have learn in order to make more sales. After all people are always looking to increase there income.

The pandemic has also meant that people are looking for more of a bargain at the moment. This is something which means that you may be more likely to get some of your items. We have sold some clothing and all range of items which you can find around the house. Recently, we have sold a couple of beanbags which we had which we was no longer using. I think we made about £20 on these.  Anyway on to the tips to help you get rid of the items you want to get rid of after your declutter.


No matter what you are selling on you need to make sure that you have some good pictures. I have found this helps massively because then people can see what they are purchasing. Now phone cameras are so good you do not even have to a camera to do with this. I make sure that I have multiple pictures of the item as well. No matter what the item is I think this then helps you.

When it comes to the background try and take the pictures on a plain background if possible. Try not to have it cluttered area either as this can put people off. I try and take my pictures either on my desk or chest of draws if the item is only small. If this is an item which I need to try and take a picture of hanging I use the office wall which is a natural grey colour. Patterns can make it very distracting.


This makes a huge difference because this is how people find your items. The more keywords you use which are relevant to your item. If you are selling clothing for example you want to put in the size of the item the brand. Then you may want to put in the pattern if it has one or a character should this be a child’s piece of clothing. The colour is important to add to the title too. This is something which people will be searching for. I know I have done it in the past where I have looking for a certain colour of clothing.


This is something which you really might want to think about. Giving as much information about the item as you can really help the item. For example the measurements whether this be a piece of clothing or a item of furniture. People want to know the item is going to fit them or fit the space they want it to go into.

If there is any marks on the item this is something which is worth describing. This is something which I do and then reduce the price I would ask for. Buyers still will purchase things which may not be in a great condition. Recently I had a girl purchase a bean bag because she just wanted the beans out of it to fill hers. The one I was selling was cheaper than her purchasing new beans from the shop. Make sure that you add the keywords and as much of a description that you can. This can help because the more people know about the item these the better they may be more likely to purchase the item from you.


This is one which applies more to Facebook Marketplace. Are you going to deliver the items to the person or are you only going to allow collection. Personally, I only allow collection on my items. I have had a lot of people who have said that they will come for items and never show up. This is something to be aware on Facebook there is nothing in place to stop this happening. If I did do delivery I think I would be tempted to add a small fee on to make sure that the petrol cost where covered. After all you do not want to be out of pocket when it comes to selling an item.

When it comes to Facebook I do not like to hold items.  I do this because of the fact that I have had a lot of people not turning up for items when they would say they would. If people do want the item that you are selling they are going to come at the time they say they are. I wouldn’t feel put down when you do get some time wasters because it does happen to all of us.

Pricing, Accepting Offers & Payment

This is something which is key because people are going to try and offer you less than you want. This happens on all the platforms which you may be selling on. Buyers can offer you a price on Ebay along with Vinted . Usually I will accept the offer as long as it is only 10- 20% off maximum. This for me is just so I get rid of the items because after all I want more space if this is possible. Anything lower than this and I tend to decline it.

You also want to price your item competitively. Of course, you do not want to sell your items too cheap however, you do not want try to sell it too high and not get a sale. I would recommend trying to look at what items in the same condition as your item and what they have sold for. Then I would recommend that you try and sell your item for a similar amount as them. As you know someone has been willing to pay that price recently.

Payment this is something which you may want to think about. You do pay a fee on paypal for transactions which does reduce the amount which you will receive. Of course, there is then fees which eBay charge you when you sell an item. Vinted does not have any of these fees you just take the money out of your wallet on there into your bank account. Of course, Facebook is usually you getting cash off the buyer in person and there is no fees


Make sure that you reply to messages in a timely order. There is nothing worse than asking some questions and the seller taking a long time to get back to you. This sometimes puts me off purchasing as a buyer. So I would recommend replying to the messages as soon as you can. Again, this is something which may lead to a sale. I often try to make sure that I reply as soon as I can. Sometimes there may be a delay because I need to take measurements for someone. I often get asked if items are going to fit their child.

Times Items End

Make sure that your items do not finish at a silly time. The number of times I have seen people with items ending in the middle of the night . When not many people will be browsing eBay. Another time which I would avoid is Sunday mornings. This is when I have been picking up items cheap for Jess. Again this must be because people are not online. I make sure that my items end on a night I list between 8-10pm on a night.  This is a time when people are looking online as I seem a spate of late bids sometimes. If your browsing eBay there is a chance that some other person will be and they could be looking for your type of items. Ebay have admitted that Sunday nights are more popular and more likely to have more sales.


Do you have any tips on selling more unwanted items


Charlotte xx





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