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Getting newsletters and emails from brands is something which we all get several times a day. As a blogger I receive so many of these emails I have been thinking about creating my own newsletter for my blog. Today I am going to be sharing with you 10 tips to do if you have market via email.

Build your own subscribers

You need to build your own subscribers who want to engage with your content. People need to be able to choose to subscribe rather than you actually subscribing for them. A good idea is not to buy your followers because this will actually anger them and they will not engage with your emails. Have a way that people can actually choose to subscribe to your emails on your site.

Send emails welcoming your followers

Make the people who have subscribed feel special welcome them to your emails. Make them have an email as soon as they do subscribe do not make them wait a long time because this does mean they will not feel as special. This may make them more engaged than if you make them wait a long time to receive their first email. I know that I do not engage with the newsletter if I can not remember subscribing to this.

Get Personalised

If your email starts with dear and then the name of the person subscribed. Studies have shown that people are 26% more likely to engage if they personalised. This means that your content is going to reach more people. This is something which is going to be more beneficial. This is not something which is going to take too much effort but for sure it is going to be effective. You need to make sure that it speaking to people rather than speaking to nobody.

Don’t send the same email to everyone

Generic emails are one of the worst things which you can actually do. For example, if the person is not a blogger there not going to care about email blogging tips. For example how to make sure that their content is seen by more people this will not interest them at all. However, for someone who wants their content to be seen this could be essential and very helpful. So make sure you know what people want and then they may be more likely to engage.

Make it specific

Tailor your message to fit the needs of those who it is been sent to. For example, there is no point sending information about an event to those who are in America if the person is in the UK. This is more likely for your email to become deleted the person not to engage with your content any longer. You may even want to make the content gender specific or age specific for example those who are under 16 may not care about baby and toddler products you are trying to sell.

Send Email Based On Their Time Zone

If you receive an email in the middle of the night you are less likely to engage with it as the middle of the afternoon. You want as many people to engage with your content so why not make sure that you spread out the time that you send out the email. For example sending the email to those who are in the UK 5 hours before those who are subscribed and New York based.

Proof Read and Check Before Sending

There is nothing more annoying than not having checked emails. Spelling mistakes shows to those who are reading your content you have not checked it. By quickly checking there are no spelling mistakes or broken links it is going to make your brand look more professional. It will allow people to be able to click and use your site meaning that you have another hit. This may not take long but may make someone come back to your site which is something which you always want to happen.

There are a lot more tips which I could share regarding email marketing. However, these are the ones which I feel like are the most essential and most common mistakes that people make. For even more tips when it comes to email marketing check out Campaign Monitor. 

What tips do you have when it comes to email marketing as we all engage with them so often.

Charlotte xx

This is a collaborative post with campaign monitor



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