Throwback Birchbox September 2014

Hi Guys

Today I am going to be kicking off a new series here on my blog every month until January. I have been debating getting Birchbox or another beauty subscription box service again recently. However when I think about it I have loads of the products that I received still unused.

This month I have decided that I am going to have a look at the products which I received in my September Birchbox 2014. A year ago the birchbox theme was Happy days and all about been happy the products which where in the box where supposed to make you feel like this. So lets see how many of them I have used . All pictures have been taken from Birchbox website

The first item which I received was the Korres Citrus body milk. I will admit this is still a product which I have not used it is actually sat in a bag in my uni room waiting for me to finish up the huge body shop shower gel which I have been using for a year at uni. So this is the reason that this product has not been used it is because I have actually being using the same shower gel for a year however if I hadn’t I would have used this up before now. So I will say it is an item which I was grateful for and still am. 
Benefit it’s potent eye cream I didn’t really use eye cream until I found this product in my draw again a couple of months ago. I have been using this ever since and have about 50% of it left which you could say is me doing well. I would not have purchased this item if I had not received this in a subscription box. I think I would just purchase a more purse friendly eye cream as it is not something I need massively at the moment. 
Beauty Blender I actually sold this one due to the fact that I already had one however I have not found myself reaching for this product. I either use my Wilkos stippling brush which you will see in a haul soon or the real techniques buffing brush to apply my base products. Maybe I should have a hunt for my beauty blender and see if I actually get on with it and give it another chance.
Agave Healing Oil Treatment this is something which is still sat in my stash due to the the fact that I have a Avon hair oil which I use if I apply any oil to my hair. This is only a 4ml sample as well so I don’t think it would actually take me long to use it up if I tried maybe 4/5 applications. This is something which I could have happily not received due to the fact that I hardly use hair oil anyway. 
The final beauty product which was in this box was the Model Co Lip Lacquer in Viva lipgloss is not something which I ever really reach for this is due to the fact that I find them very sticky and my hair ends up in it. I think I have only ever swatched this item. Maybe when I am looking for a very neutral lip and not bother about how long it lasts I might reach for this and try and get it used up. 
Urban Fruit Pineapple snack this is a product which I have used full up I ate them not long after receiving them in the box. I have actual purchased these since having them so this is something I am glad that I tried because I am unsure if I would have picked them up previously. 
Birchbox photo holder I will admit this is a product which is still sat on my window sill at home in the packaging because I am not a person who will take a lot of photos and print them off. I am yet to really find a use for this product. 
So I have used fully one product and started another one so 2/7 of these products have been used in a year. This is not one of the most loved box as you can see I almost wasted my money on this.
Did you get this box if so which products have you used?
Charlotte x
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