Things I Wish I Knew About C Sections

Today I am going to be sharing with you something which had effected me recently. That is been told that having a c section is the easy way of giving birth. That I am too posh to push I had a couple of people tell me this around the time I was booked for my elect c section with Troy.
C sections are one of the biggest operations which you can have. A lot of the other operations are done by key hole surgery. So do not let anyone tell you that it the easy option. Recovery is not easy when you have a new born to look after.  I am going to be sharing with you some if the things which people do not tell you about c sections and the recovery. I have had two because I had to have an emergency c section with Jess.
Nobody tells even though your numb from your chest down you can actually feel pulling and tugging. It almost feels like someone is going the washing up in your stomach. It is one of the strangest sensations you will ever feel. You imagine that because you have had a spinal your not going to feel anything at all. It is almost nice to be able to feel something when it comes to the birth. .
The spinal can make you feel sick and shake uncontrollably. This is something which has happened both times to me. It is usually after a few moments. With Troy I remember having to ask for a sick bucket. Within seconds I was told I better stop feeling sick because I was about to meet my baby. The shakes which I got as a result meant that I was scared hold Troy for skin to skin straight away. I let Joe hold him for a while until I got wheeled out of theatre I was scared I would drop him. Even though I was offered help supporting him so this did not happen.
One thing I could not believe is how quick the whole thing is. I remember Joe telling me from the time they started to Troy been born was actually only 3 minutes.  Then it was only another 35-40 minutes before I was wheeled back into recovery. Nobody tells you how quick it goes if literally feels like it has a couple of moments. This has happened both times to me I could not believe it was over.
The injections after you have your c section is something which I forgot about. This time around I had to have them for 10 days. I was fine while I was in hospital. However I cried a few times when Joe had to do them. I couldn’t bring myself to inject myself in the stomach. This is one of the hardest things it almost stings. I think this is one of the worst things about having a c section. I think this was worse than not been able to walk without pain. The reason behind the injections is to thin your blood as during pregnancy it is so think. Having a c section actually increases your risk of a blood clot.
Getting out of bed can be one of the most painful things ever. I had to use the headboard to pull myself up to a sitting position. Before swinging my legs over the bed. This was a mission some nights I would scream in pain. This is what I had to do in order to feed my little boy in the night. I think there was a night or two where I actually ended up sleeping in a chair next to his moses basket. To save myself the pain while I was healing. Don’t worry you soon forget about this pain.
I was told to rest but if I sat in the same position such as sat on the sofa for longer than an hour. I would struggle to move it is a vicious circle you need to rest but you get punished if you end up resting too much. To combat this I actually set myself small goals of jobs such as walking to the kitchen every hour and a half. This meant that I did not go too stiff while recovering. I think there was a couple of times where I was nearly in tears when I was trying to get up.
Nobody tells you how much it does actually hurt to laugh, sneeze and cough. I had a number of my family trying to make me laugh because they thought it would be fun. I tried to watch a few of comedies after a couple of days after. Putting a pillow over the scar does help a lot if you are going to need to do one of these. I am unsure why it does but 100% it does.
You actually feel all of the pot holes when you are on the way home. Or in the first couple of weeks this does actually hurt. This is something which I have had with both c sections. You want to cry if it is full of pot holes thank god this time half of my journey at least was motorway. I did forget a pillow which has been recommended to put between the seat belt and my scar.
Pain medication for the first few days or weeks will be your best friend. This was more essential when I had Jess. I could completely tell when I was due more pain killers. However, even for the first 3 days with Troy I needed them even during the night. I had to rotate between paracetamol and ibuprofen this is what I was released from hospital with Troy. Do not be afraid to take the pain killers they help so much. I seem to remember that I had stronger painkillers when I had Jess but I had a ordeal after.
When I had my first c-section I did not realise how much high waisted underwear and bottoms would be. You forget that you are not going to want things to be away from your scar. You do not want anything rubbing against it and increasing the risk of it getting infected. I am still wearing high waisted leggings because they are so comfortable for me. I ditched the high waisted underwear after I think it was a couple of weeks.
The scar is something which does fade over time it is not something to be ashamed about at all. It is a mark which reminds you how your little one came into the world. I had 4 a bit years before I has another c-sections scar and it faded so much. The scar is not huge considering that a baby comes out even mine is not huge and Troy was not a small baby. You get used to it and of course you would embrace the scar and become proud of it over time.
What do you wish you had known about c-sections before you had one?
Charlotte xx
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