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A lot of people have done posts about what they are wanting to do once COVID is over, me included. However, there are elements that I do want to keep the same when life goes back to normal. Let’s face it not everything has been totally rubbish. Some of us have started new traditions, created more memories, and explored places that we never even thought about before. Some things have taken a little more getting used to, such as wearing disposable masks in the UK, but they could well remain a part of our lives for a considerable time yet. Today I am going to be sharing a few of the things which we are going to be keeping the same.

Family Walks Regular

Yes, they may be something which we have done a million times since last March. However, walking as a family is something which we have enjoyed even if we do get some tantrums. I find it is a good break from the screens which we have all been using a lot more recently. Of course, we are going to be able to explore new areas again in the future once we do not have to stay in our local area. When the weather is a bit nicer I can see us having trips to places such as Dalby Forest and the Room on the Broom trail. Both of these are great for walks. I just don’t think I want to walk on the roads near my house for a long time after this not for pleasure anyway.

Making Time For Family

This does not have to be seeing them in person however, this is going to be amazing when we can see them properly. It maybe things which are so simple such as Facetiming them or having a conversation on the phone. After all one of the things which we have all missed is family during the pandemic. Sadly we have lost a valued member of our family this was not due to COVID thought. This has made us want to make more memories with everyone. Of course, there is still some people who have not met Troy or only a handful of times.

Exercising and Eating Better

This is something that I have been trying to do a lot during the lockdowns. This could have been as a result of finally been ready to lose some of the baby weight which I have been carrying. I am trying to train 4/5 times a week I have been able to see the results now. This for sure is something that I want to stick with because I am now nearly at the weight which I was before I got pregnant with Troy. I have decided that I am going to start calorie counting as well this is something which I do want to keep up with. For sure, I do not want to lose a ton of weight but I just want to feel a bit better in my body.

Date Nights

This is something that we have made an effort to do during lockdown and COVID. We have started watching a film together most Sundays. Usually, it is just a film which we find on Netflix which we would enjoy. We have watched some random different films.  Recently, we have watched MOXIE which is a film which I think was a slow burner however, it was one which had great messages throughout the film. We have watched a wide range some of them been action films and others been rom coms. This is something that I want to keep doing after lockdown when Joe is here. Of course, there is going to be a period of time where I am solo parenting while he is away with work. I might even try and watch a film on a Sunday night no matter what.


Reading is something which we both have really enjoyed recently well for over a year now. I have found it helps massively to have a break from the screen sometimes. Usually, Joe and I will watch a show together after doing a workout and then read till bedtime. This is something that I want to continue to do. I have found that I am sleeping a lot better of course, I can’t put this down to reading but it may be playing a part in it. For sure I am always looking for recommendations if you have any books you have loved please leave me a comment. I do not have one genre which I enjoy I have a complete mix. I am slowly getting through my to-be-read pile.

Shopping Small

This is something else that I want to continue to do as well. Shopping small is something which I have tried to do for a number of years anyway. However, since COVID hit this something which I have tried to do. Small businesses have been struggling and your purchase may help them massively. I have now purchased the majority of the fruit which we consume from the local fruit stall in the market that also delivers. When it comes to gifts again where it is appropriate this is something which I have found have gone down so well. We have also tried to purchase more second-hand where we can to be more sustainable and also help those who are getting rid of items.

What are you hoping to continue post covid life?

Charlotte xxx




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