Things I Want To Do Different With Our Second Child

When you’re a first-time parent, you read so much take advice off others who you feel are more qualified than you. For example your parents, friends who already are parents. I feel like for me it was a time where I was influenced quite easily. Yes, you want to make sure your child has every piece of equipment that they could possibly need. After all, you want them to have the best childhood possible. Today I am going to be sharing with you a number of things which we are planning on doing differently with our second child.

Cloth Wipes

Baby wipes are something which most parents will heavily rely on. They are something which we loved with Jess and must have used tons of them. I would recommend the Aldi ones if you are looking to use baby wipes. However, with the second child, we are going to try out cloth wipes. I have been looking at Cheeky Wipes, they look so simple to use yes they are more expensive however, will be cheaper in the long run. They, of course, do not harm the environment as much as normal baby wipes. Of course, I will do a review and update on how we are finding them once baby is here and we have been using them for a while. I know they are a brand a lot of people have been using which I have following.

Reusable/ Cloth Nappies

This is something which has become huge since we had Jess. I think this could be as a result of everyone been more conscious of the environment. This is something which scares me the number of nappies I have already contributed to landfill. I have heard that they do take around 500 years to breakdown. I think I will be taking some disposable ones into hospital as a result of me having a c-section. However, once we are home I do plan on actually using reusable ones.  We are going to be using the bambino mio miosolo during the day they have been recommended by the nappy lady for us.  On an evening will be using the Tots bots bamboozle stretch as these are supposed to be better for overnight. Of course, I will be doing a review on how we are finding this in the future.

Baby Wearing

This is something which I want to do this time around. This may be as a result of already having Jess so I feel like at times I am going to need to hands-free. It could also come down to having a house of our own and needing to do jobs. This is a good way to bond with your baby as well. There are going to be times where I need to pop out and might not want to take the complete pram. I am thinking times like when we need to go to nursery and also maybe when Jess wants to go to the park. This is something which we are still looking at for sure this is going to be something which I need to research more.


Of course, there are going to be somethings which we are going to have to purchase brand new. However, there are so many items which you can purchase preloved. For this baby, I would love to shop more preloved this is not just to save money.  Clothing is something which little ones do not say in for a long time and you can get a lot of it preloved for a fraction of the price. There are always bargains on sites such as eBay and Facebook market place as people are trying to get rid of things which their little ones have grown out of. We have managed to purchase the majority of the clothing preloved. I have also been picking up the reusable nappies on facebook preloved as well.

Baby Groups

This is something which I never did with Jess. There was a couple of reason one I knew that after a year I was going to be going back to university after a year. I did not want her to make a lot of bonds and then she would be unable to see them. Also, I felt like I would have been judged because I was technically a young mum having Jess when I was just 20. I have joined Mush already to try and make some new mum friends who I am going to be able to go to classes and groups with once our babies are here. I am hoping to be able to take the new baby to things such as baby massage as well. Of course, this is going to mean that I have more Mummy friends as well which is never a bad thing.

Newborn Photo Shoot

This is not something which we did with Jess I did take a lot of pictures though. This time we have actually booked a photoshoot for a couple of weeks after the baby is due to arrive. This is going to mean that we have some really nice pictures to look back on. Of course, we are going to be able to get Jess in the pictures as well. This for sure is something which I am looking forward to. I know it is likely I will not take half as many pictures of the new arrival as I have of Jess this is just due to not remembering and also been so busy. This is something which I have been warned about.

What did you do differently with your second child compared to your first?

Charlotte xx


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