The Melt Box- Flamingo Candles February ’17

One thing which I am always looking forward to when a new month started is that there is going to be a new melt box arriving as you know I am someone who loves burning candles and tarts. Of course today I am going to share with you February’s edition I know this is pretty late, however, I have just had some much content to get out to you lovely people. February again had an amazing theme and this was Valentine’s as I am sure your aware that this time as now passed but it doesn’t matter I can still love the tarts they are not just for Valentine’s.

If you are unsure what the melt box is it is a monthly subscription box from flamingo candles each box has 8 wax tart melts. They are a combination of old favourites, current scents and some which are still yet to be launched as well as some exclusives to the melt crowd. As a member you receive a wax burner with your first box which allows you to burn the wax as well as a 20% discount code with every box which is useful for us candle addicts.

Here are my first impressions on the scents which I received this month

‘Strawberry & Vanilla – I am one who really loves strawberry scented products vanilla not so much due to the fact that they can smell so fake. This tart, however, is a nice mix it is very sweet and almost reminds me of strawberry laces which if you are not someone who loves sweet scents this may not be one which you will like. 

‘Rose- This is one for those who love the florals which is not me as such this one is very strong which almost reminds me of rose bombshell from Lush it is that powerful this is one which will be burnt at some stage in my house but I can not see it been the first once which I reach for. 

Cherry Cola-  This is one which reminds me of sweets again I promise it I am not sweet obsessed it reminds me of the fizzy Haribo cola bottles but if they had cherry flavour ones. I recently have started to like cherry coke so this one does actually remind me of this one as well, however, it would not recommend drinking this one. This is one which I feel like I will be burning in the summer months or when it gets warmer for some reason.

Mango- This is one which reminds me of the fruit it very strong I will admit when I first opened the box this is the only thing I could smell. I am sure that this one is one which I am going to adore because of the fact I love Mango fruit but I know this again is going to be one I burn in the summer because this just really reminds me of Mango. It is that strong I may see if I can snap it in half and use half at a time.

GeraniumThis is one which I am unsure of for some reason I don’t know what geranium is meant to smell like but to me, it actually smells more like cake than it does floral this may be just me but for sure this is one which will not be burnt anytime soon.

Raspberry Chocolate- This is one which I love I am sure that it is maybe my second favourite in this box because of the fact that they smell sweet that it has from the chocolate but you can still smell the raspberry really strong which I love because I don’t like it when we have too many sweet scents in one box.I am interested to see how this was smells when it is burning but for sure it is one I can not wait to try

Passionfruit & Lime – I think that this is my favourite in the whole box to me this is very fresh which I seem to love when it comes to burning candles because I burn them so my house smells clean and nice as such. It is one which is very uplifting so I feel like you could burn this when you are feeling pretty down. I would never have thought of putting the two fruits together however, it actually works.

Love bug – This is one again which I can not put my finger on the scent so this means that I am going to have to burn it to see what they scent actually is. I know that this is a pretty rubbish description of this wax but this is the only way I can explain it. 

I overall think that this box is one of the best which we have had in a while, I am looking forward to seeing what is in the March box because I have a feeling that it could be mother’s day related.

What was your favourite scent in this box?

Charlotte x
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6 thoughts on “The Melt Box- Flamingo Candles February ’17

  1. These all sound interesting. I'm really picky about smells in the house and I don't like them too strong so I don't think I would go for these. It sounds tempting to have my house smell of different sweets though

  2. I absolutely love these! My favourite time of the month too! Makes the house smell wonderful!! I have one in almost every room xx


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