The Make Up Tag

I saw this tag over on over on Hannah’s Blog I think that you should all check her out. I tag you all to do this tag because I had a lot of fun doing it.

1. When did you start putting on makeup?

I would say when I was like 13/14 proberly I know this is really late compared to some people

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?

Youtube videos and then testing out the products on me that I owned

3. Favourite Brand?

Revlon or Rimmel

4. Do you like wearing foundation & if so, which do you use?

I don’t mind it and at the moment I am using an old Avon one to get rid of it  

5. Favourite lipstick, lip-gloss and lip liner?

Lipstick would be any by Topshop or Rimmel 
Lipgloss I am not using one at the moment
Lip-Liner – Secret Party by Topshop

6. Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?

I don’t wear them but I want to try them out soon 

7. Favourite eye shadow colour?

Neutrals because they are so easy to wear for every day

8. What’s your favourite daytime look?

Dramatic Lip neturalish eyes

9. Do you have a makeup collection?

Its growing every day when I am not on a spending ban

10. Favourite makeup brush?

Don’t have one at the moment I keep changing them

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?

Not that bothered and I am not using it at the moment so 

12. Favourite mascara?

Rimmel Sexy Curves 

13. Where do you keep your makeup?

In boxes or a draw

14. Favourite YouTube guru(s)?

 Tanya Burr, Zoella ,Sprinkle of Glitter & Missbudgetbeauty

15. Do you wear blush?

Most days yep

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?

Not really that bothered about them

17. Favourite makeup artist?

I have no clue

18. What’s your favourite night time look?

Smokey Eye.

19. Favourite concealer?

Collections Lasting Perfection

20. Favourite eye shadow primer?

Benefit Lemon Aid is what I am using at the moment I think

21. Where do you buy your makeup?

Mainly online but superdrug if offline

22. Favourite toner?

Tea Tree by The Body Shop

23. Favourite eye shadow palette and blush palette?

Bobbypin that has no name and I use individual blushes so 

24. Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?

Matte or shimmer

25. Favourite eyeliner?

Pencil  doesn’t matter of the brand.

26. Do you wear makeup everyday?

Yes if I am going out

27. Favourite powder?

Rimmel Stay Matte

28. Favourite makeup remover?

Don’t have one at all

30. Would you go somewhere without wearing makeup?

Yes on holiday or swimming 

If you do this tag let me know I would love to read it 

Charlotte x
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