The First Trimester My Experience

Recently we announced that we are expecting our second baby in early January. I am not going to share the date with you as there is a chance the baby will be delivered by elected c-section before their due date. Of course, I am going to be sharing updates about the pregnancy as well as them growing up just as I have done with Jess. Today I am going to be sharing my experience of the first trimester.

Before We Found Out 

We have spoken about extending our family in the near future. We knew that we were going to have a bit of an age gap between our children. This is because of the situation, of course, I wanted to finish university and we wanted a place of our own. We were not actually actively trying for a baby however, we are so excited to be having another child.

Finding Out Were Pregnant.

I had a lot of trouble with my knee which meant I had taken a lot of ibuprofen and naproxen. Of course, this can have effected my cycle, I was super tired and needing to rest a lot. I did not realise that this was actually an early pregnancy symptom. I was getting a hell of a lot of cramps which is normal for me when I have period pains. We know that naproxen can actually effect your periods so we did not worry when I was a couple of weeks late. However, when my period did not appear the next month we started to wonder. We did have to wait until Joe came home after an exercise. As soon as we did the test it came positive which in our hearts of hearts we thought it was going to happen.


I have had such a lack of energy there could be several reasons for this. One of them could be of course, there is a tiny human growing inside me. By the evening I just have very low energy levels. This has meant that I have been going to bed earlier.  I have had no appetite at all because I have been feeling sick however, up to now I have not actually been sick. Cooking is something which I can not do at the moment Joe is having to prepare meals for me as sometimes the smell makes me feel so sick.

Physical symptoms there has been a couple of them. My boobs have been growing for sure there starting to be too big for my bras. For sure I am going to have to invest in some new bras very soon, I dread to think how big my boobs are going to end up. By the evening they are so heavy and hard it is a joke, once I take my bra off it can be painful. I have noticed an ever-expanding bump it has become hard to conceal this which is annoying as we did not tell people till nearly 14 weeks. Back pain is something else which I have been struggling with as well. This could be due to my ever-expanding boobs and bump. However, as this goes live I am 21 weeks and people still claim they can not tell.


The first appointment we had was the ‘booking in’. This was a pretty long appointment I seemed to remember it was around 45 minutes. I know they can last up to an hour. We went through my medical history including Jess’ pregnancy and background, my lifestyle.. We did not have to do either our families background or Joe’s. They copied them from when the same appointment when I was having Jess. I also had my blood pressure checked, weight and height done I was shocked to learn I have not put weight on yet. There was also a urine test and some blood tests which I only managed one of so I have had to go back and have a nurse do the other two. My blood does not like leaving my body.  We have booked my next midwife appointment at 16 weeks.

We have had our first scan as well, we actually had this at 13 weeks. The sonographer was amazing which is a huge relief because we had a miscarriage last year at 9 weeks. This does mean that this baby is actually our rainbow. We saw them moving around a little bit however, they have been a pain in the bum already. The baby was actually upside down which made it harder for the sonographer. She did managed to get all the measurements which we needed to. The pregnancy has been dated one day behind what we had previously. We could not get the nuchal element which is part of the downs screening. Instead of around 15 weeks, I am going to end up having another blood test and they will check at the 20 week scan for any abnormalities which are linked to downs, Edwards and pato.

During my 12 week scan, they actually have found a possible fibroid. This is something which are going to keep an eye on and measure at my 20-week scan. This will not be too long knowing how fast this pregnancy is going. Hopefully, this does not cause any issues I have been told not to worry. Of course, this is hard. We also found out at our booking appointment that we will have consultant-led care as well due to having a previous c-section. This does lead us to decide if we try VBAC or an elective c-section.

I can not believe that the first trimester, the months for sure are flying and we are getting close to meeting our precious bundle of joy.

How did you find your first trimester?

Charlotte xxx



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