The Club You Want To Join: The Sock Club Review {AD}

Socks are something which we use every single day. I know if you are like Joe and I it can take you a long time to wear a pair out. I was interested to hear that the average UK male buys 5.6 pairs a year. It would be interesting to see what the figure is for women. You have all heard of the subscription boxes however, I have never heard one for clothing. Sock Club delivers a fresh pair of socks direct to your door every two months. This does mean that you get 6 pairs a year. This would be a good gift which you could gift for Father’s day or Christmas. After all men love socks and they are something which they use.

All of the socks are entirely British Made, even they Cotton that is used is spun in a Mill based in Lancashire, a county rich in Cotton Textile traditions. All of the socks are designs are done in York a place which is close to my own heart of course.Another benefit which I have found about the sock club is that they are shrink proof. This is amazing if you are not great at washing and usually shrink your own socks.

The socks feel a great quality which is something you want. Of course, you do not want them to wear out after a couple of wears. They are 100% cotton which is going to mean that your feet should not overheat when your in them. They actually feel really soft and thick but they are going to be able to stretch to your feet.

Joe has been my guinea pig for me for testing the sock club. He has been wearing them for a few weeks now and I have asked him his thoughts about the subscription and quality of the socks. They fit perfectly however, they are pretty large this could be due to been size 6-11. This is not normally the sizes which you can purchase on the high street. He commented on how much of a thick material they felt like they where going to be a premium sock. A lot better than ones which you would pick up on the high street. He also commented on the how they kept his feet warm but not too warm. These sound like a product which would be perfect in the colder months.

I really liked the way the socks the socks are presented. They arrive in silver foil pouches which keep them fresh until they are ready to be worn. This makes the sock club feel even more luxury which is always a bonus. Even more so if you should be giving the subscription as a gift. The socks come in two size choices: 6-11 and 11-15 in UK men’s shoe sizes. Amazing if you know someone with larger feet who may struggle to get some socks.

I really liked that they deliver a fresh pair of socks directly to your door to replace the ones that you lose or wear out. A bi monthly subscription will cost you £9 a box with the annual one being £49 which is slightly cheaper. For sure this is a subscription which I could see me purchasing as a gift for my Dad or Joe’s Dad.

Have you ever heard of the sock club? Is it something which you can see yourself subscribing to?

Charlotte xx



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