Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas 2021

Can you believe it is nearly the end of the school year already. It has been a strange year of course, with us having to homeschool. I know this is not over for all of us there is people again having to home school due to bubbles bursting. Today I am going to share a few gifts which you could get your teacher as a thank you present. I have decided to only really use small business as I know a number of them are struggling.

Thank You Teacher Mugs

These mugs are something which Leanne has created. I thought the poem on the back of them is something is beautiful. It will help us remember the crazy year which we have had. This is something practical which they can use either at work or even at home. They could even use them to put pens in or even a plant. These mugs even come in a big 11oz size and are £8.50 plus postage. Of course, they can be customised to say Mrs, Miss or Mr and then the surname of the teacher.

Blind Book

If you know the teacher is a keen reader why not get them a blind book. This is something which we know one of the teaching assistants at Jess’ school is a keen reader. This would be something handy to get her because we know that she would love another book. I was actually gifted one of the larger ones for my birthday and this is something which I thought was amazing. This may be a little bit too expensive when it comes to a teacher gift as they are around the £20 mark. I know there is a number of the companies that do them on Etsy however. I have linked the one which I received it from. Even the £10 one comes with a book, a bookmark and a tea or coffee sachet. All you need to relax with.


Teacher Bookmark

If reading is there thing however, you do not know what genre’s they prefer reading. A bookworm is never going to have enough bookmarks. I know I have about 2/3 at the moment in different books. I think this is is something which would really work for one of Jess’ teaching assistants who we know would really enjoy and use. There is so many different designs you do not have to have it done just for the teachers. I think we would be tempted to get the you paused here bookmark instead.


Teacher Cookies

This is an idea which I think is really cute. After all a lot of people pay buy them a chocolate related problem so why not get them something different. I found these cookie which are from a brand called EEE Cookies Creations I have not yet purchased from them yet. You can choose what you get with your cookie you could get it alone. Sadly I would only be able to get them for a couple of Jess’ teacher as I know there is one who is gluten free. These almost look too good to eat though. This is something which I am tempted to order a couple of these for the teachers which can have them. Currently they are having offer in and you can have a free delivery which ends on the 20th June. They will not be shipped till the second week of July anyway so there still going to be fresh.

Thank You Teacher Chocolate

As I mentioned you could get some chocolate however, why not have them a bit more personalised. I was searching on Etsy which is a website which I love to find small business. This is a company which I came across who are called YummyYumChocolate. These look like an amazing chocolate bar. This is one which would not be too larger for them to have to share. For sure this is something which you could have over a couple of occasions. Chocolate is something which goes down so well. These look to be pretty thick which is something I am always looking with in chocolate. They are not too expensive as a gift for the teacher either.


Wine Tag

This is actually an item which my neighbour makes. I think this is a great present which you could attach to a bottle of wine. These are great for sticking over the bottle of wine which you are gifting on. This means that you no longer need a gift bag for them. Or you could put them in a bottle bag which you may already have if your like me I keep them to reuse. These are something which I do end up recycling and trying to reuse. If you think your kids teacher might like a bottle this is worth checking out.

What are you thinking about purchasing if, anything for the end of the year for your teachers?


Charlotte xxx








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