Telling Friends and Family About Our Pregnancy

We decided not to tell people till after the first scan. We wanted to make sure that everything was ok with the baby before we told everyone. I am still scared that something could go wrong but I think this is going to be something which not going to go away. I think that this is a result of already losing one baby. So today we are going to share with you how we announced our preganancy.


Of course, one of the first people we told was Jess. We actually told her on the day which we had our scan. We had been speaking to her a few weeks prior to her asking her to she would like to be a big sister. There is a lot of her friends at nursery who are already siblings. She has been showing interest in her dolls again. We found out that she would love to be a big sister when she is bigger. However, we sat her down and showed her the scan picture which she guess was a baby. I think this is because we have been showing her scans of other peoples announcements as there seems a lot of pregnant bloggers at the moment. We actually told her after Christmas she is going to be a big sister and that there is a baby in Mummy’s tummy. She is convinced the baby is going to be small and seems to excited about it.


We told our parent’s and Joe’s Nan in the same way. When we was in Mothercare Outlet we noticed they had some cards which said Grandparents to be on them. As a result of them been in the outlet they were reduced to 50p instead of £2. We decided to put a copy of the scan in the card I had to make copies of them as we only got two pictures. I think this was a result of the baby been upside down. Inside the card we wrote to Grandma and Grandad see you early January love Player 4. Player 4 has become the nickname for this baby as Joe is a big gamer.


It depends what kind of friends we are speaking about how they found out. There was some friends who went we ended telling the next time we actually saw them. Of course, announcing your pregnancy to close friends is not something you want to do over social media. You want them to feel special because this is a exciting for some of them as well. There is a number of friends who have been messaged before we announced it on Instagram these are people we speak to a lot. However, there may be a reason why we do not get to see them. We did not want them to find out as a result of social media.


Of course we have announced the pregnancy on my Instagram along with the blog. We decided to use my light box to put the announce that the baby is due in Early January. We used a baby vest which we have already purchased for player 4. In the picture there is also the best picture from the scan which we got but as the baby was upside down it is not the greatest.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

Charlotte xx

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