Taking The Initial Steps Towards Child Horse Riding Lessons

Being a parent is about giving your children things that you never had. All the times when you looked on gazingly and wished you could have done something other children were doing, can now be repaid. Teaching your children horse riding is a wonderful gift that will last them a lifetime. Children are fascinated by ponies because they’re beautiful creates but they’re not that intimidating. It’s common for young boys and girls to be captivated by the galloping hooves of ponies and horses the first time they see them. And if you’re ready to allow your kids to ride horses, you must also accept that equestrianism is quite challenging. Not only do you have to fund the lessons and the equipment but you must also make sure you find the right kind of school and an instructor you can trust.

Seek and communicate

Search around your local area and see if there are any equestrian clubs nearby. Many times, such schools will have their own website and social media accounts. Do a little snooping and read some of the reviews they get online. Read the biography page of the instructor(s) and examine their professional background. Some equestrian teachers might have a well-known profile such as competing in professional tournaments. Others might not be known at all but that doesn’t make them inherently worse. Take a look at their qualifications and experience level before making a decision to contact them. Communicate with the school you think would be best and seek answers to any hanging questions and concerns you have. Speak to friends they may already have children who go to the school.

Seeing is believing

If all goes well during the initial contact phase, then you should book a time and date to go and see the stables. Seeing is believing, so don’t believe everything on social media. It might turn out that the stable is not very clean and the horses don’t look healthy. The instructor might not be who they profess to be. Take your child down to the stables and meet the instructor together. Talk about the parental concerns you have for your child’s safety and what kind of goals you have in mind. Make sure you’re also checking the health of the equipment. If you can see rust and tears on the saddle, reins, martingale and more, then that is a sign of a poor school.

Buying equipment

Horse riding is extremely fun and rewarding, but it’s not cheap. Take a look around on this Online Tack Store, to find all kinds of riding equipment and products for maintaining the equipment as well. Everything from girths, tack cleaner sprays, leather whips, waterproof saddles and browbands can be found here. Some schools will provide the equipment but very often you’ll need to buy equipment that is suitable for your child. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to horse riding.

Always examine your options and speak with the instructor before you pop down to make a visit. Take your child with you so they too can get a feel for the horses and the stables. Horse riding is so much fun but it does cost so weigh up your equipment buying options too.

Have you taken your child horse riding? I know it is something which Jess would love to do

Charlotte x

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