Zara Sale Toddler Haul

A few weeks ago now it maybe longer, however, I am unsure because as we all know this year is zooming past us at a rate of knots. Zara in my local town actually closed down which is very gutting because it is a place which I love to get things like leggings from for myself when I visited, however, the women’s section was like a jumble sale and was so unpleasant I did not look. The toddler section, however, did do some damage to my bank balance because there was a great sale and their bits are amazing so I had to treat Jess to some stylish till bits in a range of sizes.

The first item which I picked up was this Minnie Mouse Hawaiian style tshirt in a beautiful Lemon colour the colour was actually one of the reasons why I picked it up because Jess really suits the colour and it is rare that you actually find something in this colour. I love how it is not your typical Mickey mouse it is a little bit different and who can resist a little bit of Disney and the work Aloha just makes me think of the summer and we all love that even if this top going to fit her in the winter months. This will look great teamed with the either jeans or some leggings this top was reduced to only £2.99.

I did say that I pick them up a couple of weeks ago which I meant that there was a little bit of the summer weather left so when I saw that there were these denim shorts reduced to only £5.99 I knew I had to pick them up. I adore shorts with tights on myself ad this is something which Jess looks adorable I think because they are not a really dark wash it does mean that you can team them with a range of coloured tights. They can be used both in the summer and in the autumn because as you know in the UK we can have warm autumn months. For some reason, I have an image of Jess with some boots wearing these I think these are something which you are going to be seeing a lot. These are in the size which Jess currently in but I think they do them up to 4 years.  

Light coloured jeans are something which Jess has never owned she seems to have a couple of pairs which are darker maybe this is because she is a toddler and they seem to get messy and I think the darker wash does not show the muck as much. However, when I spied this beautiful pair I could not resist these are going to fit her I would think in the back end of the autumn and winter months if she keeps growing like she is. Due to the fact that she has a lot of dark t-shirts I thought that she would need some lighter bottoms so that she doesn’t always look so dull and these were only £7.99 and seem like they could with stand the hammer a toddler is going to give them.

The next item which I picked up was this in 2-3 years I seem to remember and it is more of a coral than the camera actually picked up this again is another colour which I think suits Jess the reason behind this is it compliments the colour of her hair. When I saw this I new I had to pick it up for this reason and I actually thought that it was something different you don’t seem to get a lot of tops which say things like love me without it having a parent on it either mummy or daddy so when I spied this for sure it was one going in my basket. It was reduced to £2.99 and I know this is going to be one which I can pair with leggings and send her to nursery in because at the moment she is so into colouring which means she can easy ruining outfits which is never good and because this was so cheap it will not bother me as much.

While browsing I also noticed this light pink t-shirt which says love you on it and has I think it is a cat it might actually be a dog again the reason it I actually purchased it was due to the fact that it says, love, you and as I have said previously usually they say that they love a family member. I am trying to get Jess to say love you a lot more and be a nice well-mannered child so I think things like this are always going to help. I think the colour is actually really nice and is not too in your face like you can find with others so this is going to be able to be teamed with either dark or bright leggings depending on my mood. This again was only £2.99 which means that it can be used for nursery because of the fact that I am not as bothered should it get ruined.

Yes I purchased a top which was technically in the boys section but after all I am trying to teach my child that it does not matter which gender she is she can wear what ever the hell she likes. Disney is something which we really like in this house Jess at the moment seems to be really into Minnie mouse however, when I saw this I and all the bright colours which it has in it I knew that Jess would go crazy for this mickey print. I love how it is not just the typical mickey are doing some amazing poses which makes it seem so fun and this is the element I love. This is going to be one which she is going to be wearing a lot I am sure when Jess fits into this. This was only £5.99 which is not that expensive seen as it is actually a Disney piece and this can be worn with leggings jeans and maybe a plain skirt and tights we will just have to see it depends on the weather.

I think there is a theme going on here and I actually have a Disney obsession going on for Jess I picked up this yellow/mustard stripes which have Minnie on the front who looks like she is posing. I love this because I think you could use it for the summer and also the autumn Jess is one who really likes Minnie Mouse. I think these could be teamed with something simple on the bottom half which is always a bonus. Again I love it because it is not your typical Minnie Mouse t-shirt she is doing something different and has a different outfit on as well I think which is always a bonus for me because I like things which are different and I think this was £5.99 which was more expensive. 
Yes, another Disney t-shirt anyone would think that we were planning a trip to Disney which is not something we are planning at the moment I just love Disney and this is something which was in the boy’s section but I know Jess is going to rock it. I love how summer like this looks which makes me think that it would go well with the shorts which I have picked up in this haul as well. It is a white t-shirt which has stars all over the actual t-shirt which you just see. I love how Mickey is actually smiling because I think that you do not see him smiling that much actually love this does scream summer for me and was only £3.99 so a bargain for a Disney t-shirt. 
This pinafore dress is something which I thought was very different because of the fact that it included stripes and stars which are not a pattern you usually see. I love how the straps are actually ribbon like and it has little pockets which for me is very adorable. I can see Jess wearing this when it is warm with bare legs and as a dress. Then when it colder she can team it with a long-sleeved top and tights and I am sure this is going to look amazing but it might be something which does not end up suiting her and I might have to sell it we never know. This was reduced to £9.99 but I did not want to leave it behind because it looks so comfortable and something which would be great when she is playing. 
Socks are something which is essential because otherwise, she ends up with the world’s smelliest feet which are never nice. She has managed to grow out of some of the socks so it was time to replace them and when I spied these I couldn’t leave them because the pop socks will be amazing when she is actually still wearing her sandals while we have some of the nice weather still in the UK and the other socks I picked because we love dinosaurs in this house and you do not see a lot with a dinosaur print on. The swallow ones I got because I adore them and I think I might have a pair similar so we could actually match which would be fun. 
I am a sucker for things which are retro and of course, this tshirt is one of those who else remembers watching tweetie pie in the past. So when I saw this in an amazing colour blue which means that you are going to be able to pair this very easy with the tshirt because it could be teamed with leggings which are very dark in the winter months so that you do not look like you are too summery. This was actually only £3.99 as well which means that it could be used for nusury because if she does manage to paint I will not be too annoyed. I think this may be a tshirt which Daddy likes because I am sure this is something which he would have watched growing up. 
I am gutted Zara has closed here and then one in York I don’t think stocks children’s which means that I will have to order online. I adore the pieces which I picked up and will be keeping an eye out for other bits when she grows because they are so affordable even full price. 
What was your favourite item from this haul?
Charlotte x