Dreaming of Winter Sun 

This week I have been lucky enough to have a week of university so you would think that I have been doing fantastic days out maybe even taken a trip on a plane to somewhere warm. No instead I have been cooped up in the library trying to get ahead on assignments to take a little bit of a break for Christmas to enjoy it with friends and family and not be as stressed out as usual. I hopefully will be able to study a little bit less when Joe comes home next week you have him to thank for the amazing picture in this post. I am not jealous at all he got to meet penguins. My parents have also just returned from a week away in Lanzarote, and they have come back so suntanned I look like I don’t belong in their family. It’s hard to believe as a child who travelled abroad so much every single year I was lucky to be jetting off to a warmer climate it had been 7 years I think now since I left the UK.

This is something for sure I want to change next year I would love to be able to take Jess on her first holiday abroad and feel some of the  Sun on our backs. I am sure she would enjoy the pools because she really does seem to be such a water baby.  That reminds me we should take her swimming a lot more when Daddy is back, so she gets used to it again. Recently as my stress levels have risen and the temperature has plummeted, I have found myself dreaming of warmer climates. It is so tempting to take a week of uni and just go let’s forget I don’t have a valid passport at the moment.

The best thing about being able to go on holiday is that I could have so much fun in the pool with Jess and actually spend some quality time with her something I feel like I haven’t done since September.  I might actually be able to read something which is not academic and do it for pleasure I think I have around 200 books to read and I plan on moving house hopefully next year, and that’s going to be a lot of transporting.

Places such as Tenerife, Lanzarote are places which I would love to visit. I have been to Tenerife multiple times as a child and had so much fun over there. Visiting places such as Loro park and Siam park is something which I would love to do as it is something I haven’t done in the past. I think I would be tempted to only travel a maximum of around 4 hours at the moment on a plane because it is a whole new venture for Jess.

I can keep dreaming about the winter sun because currently, I have no time to pack my bags and jet off. Fortunately, I do have a weekend away break coming up in around a month, and it will be amazing to escape everyday life for a few days.

Many 2018 will be the year I get a new passport and one for Jess and explore the world again. For now, I am going to stay focusing on my studies and exploring places a little bit closer to home.
Have you got any winter sun breaks planned if so where? Or are you super organised and already booked your summer getaway for next year?

Charlotte xx

Problems Of Having An Outdoor Child In Autumn/Winter

Jess, as you may know, if you have read some of my previous posts, is a girl who really loves to be outdoors, however, at the moment there is getting an increasing number of days where she is unable to play outside due to the fact that the grass is wet and it is taking longer to dry out. Or it is raining because if it is cold we can just put another layer on, however, when it is raining sometimes it is just fully unpleasant. 
Currently, at home with have grass in the front garden as well as the back which is great because this means that we can do so much and have so much fun in the garden. Due to the fact that we well Jess spends a hell of a lot of the time in the garden, and the outdoors it means that we have a lot of clothes which has grass stains as well of covered in mud should it have been raining in the last couple of days in as well as Jess falling over on the concrete which means that she has a lot of bumps and grazed knees. This means that sometimes her clothes do have to be washed multiple times in order to get the stains removed so if you have any tips to remove stains please leave them in the comments. 
Nursery, on the other hand, does have an outdoor area which Jess plays in, however, this is not grassed it is actually has had an rubber playground surface installed. This means that it does not take as long to dry it out and there is no mud to get covered in when it rains because Jess is one of those children who attract dirt. So this is perfect for her because it doe s means that she can get out as soon as it has dried a little bit so that if she does fall over because she is always running around like a crazy person she will not get drenched. It also means that I have less watching to do and fewer clothes are ruined because of the fact that here is not the stains or the mud which if you ask any parent is an added bonus. 
There is less grazes because of the fact that there is no concrete which is something which I love because I am sure that people must think that I am always pushing my child over or something because if her knees are not grazed or bruises usually there is something wrong. This is because she runs everywhere and does not realise the danger and even falls over her own feet which are never a good thing. 
I think that when we get out own house I may be tempted to look in to be getting artificial grass because it would mean that Jess would be able to play out more often which is something which she loves and I will tell you that she is not the greatest person to be with when it is raining. She just does not know what to do with herself so this would be something that keeps her entertained. One of my friends has this installed and I am always jealous because it looks amazing and of course you get no weeds and you do not have to do a lot of maintenance. 
How do you cope having an outdoors child in the autumn/winter months?
Charlotte x
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Winter Skin Care Routine

Skincare is essential to me anytime of the year because I like most people hate having spots and horrible skin. I have eaten so much rubbish over the festive period I felt like I really need a skin care routine which actually works for me. I have had the same routine for around 3/4 months now I have made sure that all the items I use are easy to get hold of even thought my cleanser is now discontinued.

The first item which I use is my Magnitone Lucid I have the one which Pixie Lott worked with them on so this one is not available anymore. You can other models of the cleaning brush which I can imagine are still as amazing as the one I have. I notice when I do not use this cleansing brush because my skin does not feel as clean. This brush really gets deep down and cleans which is what I want from it. These cleansing brushes claim that you can see results in as little as 7 days which is something I believe. The whole cleansing process takes a minute with it beeping to tell you when you need to move to a different part of the face this is really handy for me because I never seem to spend long enough on the right part of my face. I purchased mine second hand about 18 months ago and would not be without it now. The heads are so easy to get your hands on and only cost £15 for 3. These brushes are £70 however, can be found on offer currently at Boots.

I use the Soap and Glory 3 in 1 daily face wash on my cleansing brush this was a product I do not find that effective should I use it alone. This face wash makes my face feel so clean it is made for people who have oily to combination skin which I would say mine is dry to combinational. My face always feels clean and refreshed when I have used it and the small beads exfoliate your skin which is always a bonus. These bottles are huge seen as you only use a really small amount I think one of these lasts be between 3/4 months which is amazing seen as this is only £8 and regularly can be found on offer.

The cleanser which I use is actually limited addition from Lush it was part of their Christmas range it is Buche De Noel. This cleanser does actually have ground almonds, cranberries and satsumas. Due to it been all fresh I only need a small amount to rub all over my face and then leave it a couple of seconds off before I wash it off in the shower. It is a shame this is a limited addition and because its Lush and so fresh you have to throw this away after 3 months. You can freeze them so that they last longer, however, this is not something I have tried yet let me know if you have tried this and how it works. I have another tub of this and rhen I will be going back to let the good time roll cleanser which is also from Lush.

I have realised I have missed out a step which I only do if I am wearing makeup I remove this with the Garnier Micellar water. This is something which I find helps to remove the majority of the makeup and this even includes the waterproof mascara even the Benefit their real which people have said is so hard to get off. The reason I have this really small bottle is because I have this at my boyfriend’s but I have the actual full size at home. This is a product which I really adore but I have a feeling I will be looking for something else before the end of the year as this price is slowly rising.

The final product which I am using is the Superdrug Vitamin E Night moisturiser.  I use this morning and night at the moment the reason behind this is due to my skin is been so dry as a result of the weather. I need as much moister as I can get into my skin.  This will be changing again in the summer months because I will want to add more SPF into my routine because currently, I do not have any in which does slightly worry me as I know that the rays are still about even when it is a dull Yorkshire day.

What is in your skin care routine for winter?

Charlotte x


Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you a number of products which I purchased when I went to Selfridges in Birmingham. I decided that I really needed to treat myself to some new makeup as some of mines are running out or I just fancied a change. Who knows these products may give you some inspiration on what to add to your Christmas list. I apologise that I have taken everything nearly out of the boxes this was so that I could carry it home as I had very limited space due to getting loads of items for Jess as well.

The first item which I purchased is a really boring one it a pump for sheer glow I purchased mine and they had no pumps available at the time so I kept saying I would order one online however it meant that the postage was more expensive than the actual item so I never got around to it. So will I was near a NARS counter I decided to pick it up so I don’t use as much sheer glow every time I use it. I think this was around £3.50 which annoys me because I feel like you pay enough for the foundation it should come with a pump.

For a while I have had my eye on the Creamy Radiant concealer however, I was unsure what shade I would be I could guess but I didn’t want to spend £18.50 to have got it wrong. This was the reason I actually went to NARS I got the shade 2 Vanilla after I asked the really nice sales assistant if she could colour match me and this is what we decided. In truth, this was the shade which I was going to order online anyway at least in the future if I like the product I can do this.

I also decided that I could do with a higher end foundation for when knew that I was going to have foundation on all day. This lead me to purchasing all day weightless foundation because I have read so many amazing reviews on it and I love sheer glow I though thought why not go ahead and try it. I had it on all day and loved it even though I cried a fair few times the foundation still looked amazing minus the tear lines. This is one which I am going to be testing when I know I have things which are going to require me to look nice all day for example when I go working in the summer I feel like this is going to be a good time to use this foundation not that I will not use it before then. I am the shade Deauville for anyone who is interested and I feel like this foundation is £32.50.

Primer is a stage which I seem to neglect and now due to the cold snap my skin as has become super dry so this is a stage which I really need to add back in. The reason behind this is because of the fact that it gives an even smooth base to apply foundation so it looks a lot better. I actually also had this applied when I got my base done and this is what made me bite the bullet and purchase it. I love the way it made my foundation feel so smooth and more hydrated. I can not remember how much this was however in my opinion at the moment it is worth every penny which I paid it is something which I will be getting plenty of wear out of all year long as well due it having SPF 30.

Due to the fact I was feeling super spendy that day, I even purchase the power which is a massive thing for me because usually, I use a drugstore one like the Rimmel Stay Matte but I decided that I was going to have a matching powder because in theory in my head it should make everything say a little bit longer. I am unsure if it actually does or this is something which I just have in my head at the moment. I have this in the shade, Eden, I am interested to see how long this powder actually lasts me.

While waiting for the sales assistant to be free I noticed the satin lip pencils at this time of year I am a sucker for darker plummy kind of lips. For some reason they just scream Christmas/ Winter to me and I swatched the shade Palais Royal and that was it I knew I had to have it. This may be my Christmas shade the one which I don’t stop wearing for months who knows but is so easy to wear and I am loving it.

I would think a lot of this is going to be used over the festive period but you will have to see in a post coming closer to Christmas if I am correct.

What have you purchased from NARS recently leave me recommendations of what else I might need to try from the brand?

Charlotte x

Favourite Winter Candles

Hi Guys

I have decided to share today my favourite candles for the Winter they are not all just Christmassy ones due to the go the fact that I know that I will be burning these way into January and I feel like this is not something you can do if they are all Christmas scents.

The first one which I am sharing with you is the B&M Winter Mist which cost only £2.99. This is one of the dupes for bath and body works, however, I have never tried them. The reason that it is one of my favourite is due to the fact that it smells so clean it reminds me of them crisp winter mornings without it been so cold which is always a bonus. I feel like this is one which you could burn at any time of the year because it is so clean and fresh. I may have to have another trip to B&M to see if I can get any more of these because they are super cheap as well.

The second one is also from B&M and another dupe which cost £2.99 this is frosted cranberry which reminds me of a berry smoothie for some reason, however, you rarely see cranberries in one of these. Cranberries are meant to be festive so this is the reason I have included it in this again this is one which could be burnt at any time of the year it smells clean and fruity for me. This is one again which I may go on the hunt for to stock up on as they are so cheap  and I know that I may not be able to get my hands on them for very long knowing B&M.

The next candle which I am loving is the Yankee Candle Snow In Love which reminds me of a man and women getting ready for a night out like you do in the festive period and the perfume and aftershave which they are spraying. This is one which I am so glad has come back this year because I adore it. The reason I feel like is because it reminds me of when I used to go on nights out I do not go out as much anymore due to having Jess.

The final Yankee candle which I have love is Christmas Eve which to me just smells just like Christmas if I had to just describe one note I can smell Orange but like a heated warm orange scent if this makes any sense at all. I know this is not the greatest scent description so if you are lucky to live close to a Yankee store or somewhere which stocks Yankee go and have a sniff of this one.  The large Yankee candles are £21.99, however, they can actually be found sometimes cheaper in the outlet stores.

The final candle which I have is Secret Santa from Bomb Cosmetics this is one which Joe decided that he liked the smell of so I purchase it, yes I am that shallow when it comes to candles. This reminds me of the warm smell of Christmas and being all cosy for some reason it must be the hint of ginger.  I managed to pick this up at a local store however you can purchase this one online. It would actually make an amazing secret Santa present and is around £8 for this size tin picture, unfortunately, they only do one size.

What are you favourite Christmas candle?

Charlotte x