Ella’s Kitchen- Filling Your Child Up

Breakfast is one of the areas which we kind of struggled a little bit when it came to weaning with Jess. We are lucky because she actually loves to eat fruit, however, when we are going on long days our when we are commuting to nursery I worry that maybe she has not eaten enough and she is actually going to be hungry for the rest of the day. I know mummies are always worrying I could give her toast as well but I do not want to give her too much bread as she has a lot of it at nursery because we have found that she now has a lot of sandwiches and wraps so I do not want to give her too much.

We had tried a range of cow and gate cereal, however, this only goes up to around age 10 months and then they stop I could give her this, however, there is not a lot of different textures and that is still classed as “baby food”.  I know some of you may wonder why I don’t just give her other children food which is designed for toddlers and old people. The reason behind this is because that these can be high in sugar and salt and these are really not something which I want Jess to be addicted to.
When on the hunt for something which was suitable I for my needs I found Ella’s Kitchen have some amazing breakfast food and they soon have become Jess’s favourite.  I feel like they only have a range of 3 kinds of cereal due to the fact that I have not seen any others and I have been to a range of supermarkets.

The three which they have are the following the wakey wakey round ones which remind me almost of cheerio’s however, they are suitable for little ones these are something which Jess will eat either with milk or without and pick at them like a snack, however, we only give her them at breakfast because she would have them all of the time if she could.

Another product which she loves is the banana and cinnamon muesli which sounds really nice as this is not something we have in adult ranges it is like oats and then has some chunks in it which makes me think of something which I can not think what it is. You can serve this hot or cold so sometimes like when it was super cold in the winter months we did heat it up for Jess and she seems to like it either hot or cold because she is always handing us an empty bowl back.  

The final cereal which we have is the strawberry and raspberry porridge no joke you can actually smell the strawberries in it I wish I could eat it sometimes but I am sure that Jess will moan at me.  These, of course, are something which has to go in the microwave so are great for these colder mornings which we are having. This is porridge is one which is made with milk because this allows you to get milk into your child instead of having to give them in a bottle format or a cup.

I have found this cereal a really good way to fill Jess up when she is having a long day, I do give her some fruit so she can have some otherwise she may get grumpy because she really does love it.  The only thing which I wish that they were a larger range because this would allow us to vary what Jess has for breakfast.

What do you give your child for breakfast?

Charlotte x