The Melt Box- Flamingo Candles February ’17

One thing which I am always looking forward to when a new month started is that there is going to be a new melt box arriving as you know I am someone who loves burning candles and tarts. Of course today I am going to share with you February’s edition I know this is pretty late, however, I have just had some much content to get out to you lovely people. February again had an amazing theme and this was Valentine’s as I am sure your aware that this time as now passed but it doesn’t matter I can still love the tarts they are not just for Valentine’s.

If you are unsure what the melt box is it is a monthly subscription box from flamingo candles each box has 8 wax tart melts. They are a combination of old favourites, current scents and some which are still yet to be launched as well as some exclusives to the melt crowd. As a member you receive a wax burner with your first box which allows you to burn the wax as well as a 20% discount code with every box which is useful for us candle addicts.

Here are my first impressions on the scents which I received this month

‘Strawberry & Vanilla – I am one who really loves strawberry scented products vanilla not so much due to the fact that they can smell so fake. This tart, however, is a nice mix it is very sweet and almost reminds me of strawberry laces which if you are not someone who loves sweet scents this may not be one which you will like. 

‘Rose- This is one for those who love the florals which is not me as such this one is very strong which almost reminds me of rose bombshell from Lush it is that powerful this is one which will be burnt at some stage in my house but I can not see it been the first once which I reach for. 

Cherry Cola-  This is one which reminds me of sweets again I promise it I am not sweet obsessed it reminds me of the fizzy Haribo cola bottles but if they had cherry flavour ones. I recently have started to like cherry coke so this one does actually remind me of this one as well, however, it would not recommend drinking this one. This is one which I feel like I will be burning in the summer months or when it gets warmer for some reason.

Mango- This is one which reminds me of the fruit it very strong I will admit when I first opened the box this is the only thing I could smell. I am sure that this one is one which I am going to adore because of the fact I love Mango fruit but I know this again is going to be one I burn in the summer because this just really reminds me of Mango. It is that strong I may see if I can snap it in half and use half at a time.

GeraniumThis is one which I am unsure of for some reason I don’t know what geranium is meant to smell like but to me, it actually smells more like cake than it does floral this may be just me but for sure this is one which will not be burnt anytime soon.

Raspberry Chocolate- This is one which I love I am sure that it is maybe my second favourite in this box because of the fact that they smell sweet that it has from the chocolate but you can still smell the raspberry really strong which I love because I don’t like it when we have too many sweet scents in one box.I am interested to see how this was smells when it is burning but for sure it is one I can not wait to try

Passionfruit & Lime – I think that this is my favourite in the whole box to me this is very fresh which I seem to love when it comes to burning candles because I burn them so my house smells clean and nice as such. It is one which is very uplifting so I feel like you could burn this when you are feeling pretty down. I would never have thought of putting the two fruits together however, it actually works.

Love bug – This is one again which I can not put my finger on the scent so this means that I am going to have to burn it to see what they scent actually is. I know that this is a pretty rubbish description of this wax but this is the only way I can explain it. 

I overall think that this box is one of the best which we have had in a while, I am looking forward to seeing what is in the March box because I have a feeling that it could be mother’s day related.

What was your favourite scent in this box?

Charlotte x

Wildwood Peterborough

I thought I would share another idea of what you could do this Valentine’s day. Joe and I really like eating out sometimes this means that we will take Jess with us sometimes we do for meals without her usually it means we go out for meals when she is still in nursery and we have an afternoon off. New Years Eve we decided that we wanted to go hunt for Lush Christmas sale items and we decided we wanted some food while in Peterborough. We found a restaurant which we hadn’t previously heard of it was Wildwood since this I have researched them and found that they are a chain and they actually have one in York which we plan on going to very soon.

On first impression I could not believe how beautiful the restaurant the style reminded me of somewhere which was old but still was super stylish. As you can see the menu above is white/cream and has strands of gold. I feel like that the menu looked super stylish and there is a huge choice of food on the menu which is always good for me because I never know what I want to eat, I must admit I was super spoilt for choice but I am sure this would be the same for anyone. If you are a picky/fussy eat I am sure you would be able to find something which you would fancy.

There are a range of cocktails which you could consume but due to the fact that it was the middle of the day and Joe was driving I decided against it. To be honest I really don’t drink a lot anyway so this was not something which bothered me anyway. I decided that I would go for a pint of coke due to the fact I knew that we was going to be in there a while however, I did not expect it to come in such a beautiful glass I know its a beer glass but it was one which was like a wine glass. You do actually get charged for two cokes if you get them like this and they did give us the remainder in the glass coke bottle. I love the glass coke bottles because I feel like this is not something which you see a lot and the little touches mean so much.

Now I am going to share with you watch I actually consumed when I was in the restaurant. We decided that we was going to have starters because we prefer savory to sweet. I had the baked brie this was something which was beautiful I am a huge fan of cheese anyway but to have it baked is something which I would not have thought about having. It came with some amazing fresh bread which was toasted as you may know toast is one of my favourite foods. This did have some garlic in which I think really made the starter, As you can see you do not get a lot but because it is cheese it does mean that it is super filling.  I would totally recommend this Joe has a prawn cocktail and this looked amazing but I am not a huge fan of them for some reason I hate big prawns I don’t know why this is, I decided I was not going to be the super annoying girlfriend and make sure that I took pictures before he ate so I don’t have pictures of what he got sorry about that.

For main I decided that I was going to go for a pasta dish because this is something which I adore, The one which I went for was the Peri Peri Chicken Pasta this was one which was super full of flavour. Peri Peri usually is however, this pasta was not super spicy as you know I like spicy food but this was mild for me but because it was super tasty this did not bother me at all. Again the bowl was not super huge but it was one which was filling.While I am writing this post I wish I could consume it again because it was that amazing maybe I will have to have it when I go back.  Joe also choose a pasta dish which is not like him usually he will go for something proper meaty, I think what he actually went for was a spaghetti bol even though I may have be wrong. It did look beautiful though I have to see if he can recreate this for me in the future because he sure does love cooking which is always amazing as his food is beautiful.

I am not a huge desert fan as I have said in the past but we saw people who were close to use who had them and we could not resist the Raspberry Sundae. I will actually admit this is not something which I can remember what it is cold. This was amazing it has the right amount of everything because of the fact that usually they can be a little bit to sweet for me. This was not one which I found to be like this while writing this post I actually really crave I think it would be amazing if they could deliver one to me right now.

I will actually tell you I loved the restaurant it was so beautiful as you can see from the picture above it is in the bathroom which make me want something like this. It actually reminds me of the lights you see backstage in theatres I feel like this is what they are aiming to achieve and they do it so well as well. The Wildwood in Peterbough actually have a cinema in it which they have films in once a week and you can have a meal and go to the cinema in the same place which seems such a clever idea. I am unsure if this is the same at all of them the films which they show are all upto date as well from example I am sure they had sucide squad advertised when we went however, I could be wrong about this. The whole meal including drinks cost us around the £50 mark and we was stuffed for a long time which is always something that I love when I go for a nice meal because I do not want to be eating again after a few hours.

Have you eaten at Wildwood if do what did you think?

Charlotte x

My Pandora Collection

Valentine’s Day is just over a week away I know that some of you do not actually do gifts but other of you do. This year I am unsure actually if we are going physical presents this is something I really should ask. If you partner is anything like mine he knows that I like jewellery and the company Pandora is one of the main one apart from Tiffany.  Tiffany might be out of your price range if you’re like us just for an occasion like Valentine’s.

Today I thought I would actually share with you,my Pandora collection I have a couple of rings and two bracelets. I have not actually photographed one of the rings due to the fact that you can you purchase it any longer it was available it is a huge black heart and then it is a silver ring which has some delicate sides. This is one which I was bought for my 18th birthday by my family which is so nice of them I currently can’t wear it as my fingers are still slightly swollen from pregnancy hopefully this is something which will change and I will be able to wear it again.

Talking about my 18th birthday this is when I got my first bracelet which I can not believe was nearly 4 whole years ago again this is one which my family purchased for me. This is something which I was so grateful because it has allowed me to add to my collection. The bracelets are not the cheapest I was lucky to get the original band I think this is around £75. The first thing which you may notice on this bracelet is the stoppers I do have different ones because this is the way I decided I actually wanted it I think both of these were around £35 each these are ones which I actually purchased for myself. The reason behind having these was to stop the charms going around the bracelet and I  so actually love hearts for some reason there is no normal reason behind this. The next charm which is a dangly 18th charm this is one which my family purchased again due to the fact they wanted me to remember that I got this on my 18th I think it is one which is pretty sentimental to me I think this one is around the £35 mark as well which is one of the cheapest Pandora do. I also have the heart charm which has a little key on a chain this was purchased again for my 18th by my Dad because I knew I still had the key to my own heart and I had not shared it with anyone at the time as you know I now have shared my heart with someone but I still love this charm. The final one which I got for my 18th was the dangly charm which was the shoe which looked like converse because if you know I am more about the flat shoes and trainers than I am heels and this is something which my Dad knew and this is why I was given this.

I also purchased the next charm myself which is the Kangaroo this is because of the fact that before university I wanted to move to Australia when I finished my degree, however, I know my situation has changed and this is something which may not happen anymore but I know that I will visit in the future. For some reason, the country has really interested me maybe because they play so much Rugby over there. The next charm which you can see on my first bracelet is the is a baby hand print and it actually has a pink jewel on it and on the other side it actually has it’s a girl on the other side this was bought for me from Jess for my first mothers day this is because of the fact that she is a girl and this is something I want to celebrate. This is also a reminder of my first Mother’s day which is always nice when I look at the bracelet I will always remember this period of time. The final one which is not my stopper is the 21 dangly charm which my parents purchased me for my 21st birthday this is something which I would like to continue in the future to get the number ones when it is my birthday because I feel like it makes a great gift and helps you remember the birthday and the occasion.

The second ring which I have is a very simple ring which is just a silver heart which very small jewels which are on top of the heart. This is a piece to me which looks so simple but is so beautiful as well. It is actually the only piece of Pandora which I wear on a daily basis there again is a reason behind purchasing this ring. The reason I purchased was I knew I had met someone I really liked however, they were going away for a while but I knew I wanted to get close to this person when they returned it is almost like I had my own heart on my finger ready for them to take when they returned after a few months away. I am not going to tell you who that person is but they know who they are if they are reading this.

Joe very kindly treated me when we went on our first family holiday I was having a really rough time and to top it all off I managed to smash my phone screen which did not make me a very happy girl so this treat was so appreciated. I also want to say that I only wanted to look in Pandora I didn’t ask him to purchase anything he was going to just get me one charm but I needed a new bracelet which I was willing to pay for. The bracelet which I have is the silver classic bracelet with a heart clasp which is sparkly and it is very diamante like. I wanted something different to the classic one and this is something which I fell in love with. The first item which I was gifted was the silver safety chain and then they small gold hearts on which is always a nice to mix metals but is very subtle I love the idea of safety chains because I do not want to lose it more so when it has sentimental value.I know you can not really see this very well but I promise it does actually look amazing, I again have stoppers on this bracelet so that my charms do not go missing because there is nothing worse than when they start rolling. I let Joe design the whole bracelet because this is something which he loves to do every time when he pops into Pandora. The stoppers which he choose are the silver stoppers which have the lovely white flowers because this means that he bought me flowers and they are not going to die so you could say this is romantic.

The next charm which you can see is a Septemeber birthstone which as you may know is not my own birthstone however, it is actually Jess’s birthstone and this is something which I wanted to celebrate and remember because having her is one of the best things which has happened to me even though she can test me sometimes. I am sure this is a normal part of parenting. Again the next charm is Jess related well you could also say Joe related as well as you can see it is one of the dangling J this is because of the fact the two love of my lives share this initial and if you are like me you like cute things like this. In the future, if baby number 2 comes means that I could always add their first letter initial I feel like that this is so subtle and you wouldn’t know it is for my boyfriend as well as my little princess. Then the final charm which I have on my bracelet is the May birthstone which is actually my own birthstone I love how pretty this is and of course I want to celebrate my own birth month because it is one of my favourite months. I will admit I would have purchased the June one however, both me and Joe admitted that it was not the most pretty so this is the reason why I do not have this one if anyone was wondering, I would say that this bracelet to me is my family one and one which I am so proud of and I am sure will be expanding as our family age.

Do you have a pandora collection if so what does it consist of?

Charlotte x

Bakerdays Valentine’s Letterbox Cake Review + Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays asking if I wanted to review their Valentines day Review. If you know me I am not one to say no to trying food let alone cake this is just a dream. If you have not heard of the baker days company they are a letterbox cake which means you can get a cake in the post which always one of my favourite types of mail.

I really love the idea of getting cake or been able to send it in the post because of the fact that it can be a pain in the bum if the person you are sending it to is not in because nobody enjoys the red card of doom. I should know because I seem to get a hell of a lot of them at the moment because I am never in when the postman is in. I can vouch that they do come through the letterbox because this is something which I came home to last week.

Once the cake came I opened the box which contented a beautiful card as well as a plain but cute tin which is housing the cake and then a tiny pack of lovehearts which I gave to Joe because they remind me of heartburn. The reason behind this was the fact that I was told to consume them to make it go away when I was having Jess. I think they tin would be great to store bits and bobs in which is something which I think I will end up doing even if it is only like bobbles because I am always losing them which is never fun. I love the additional touches which the company have done

I am sure that if I did not have to take pictures of this cake for this review I am sure that Joe would have managed to eat most of the cake as soon as I received it. I was asked to review a 5″ cake which serves between three to four which would be perfect to share with each other look you always have to see the benefits of sharing. I choose the gaming cake because if any of you know my other half you will know that he is obbessed with gaming we joke he couldn’t ever cheat on me because he wouldn’t have time as that takes up the rest of it when he isn’t with me. I knew that this cake would go down a treat and get me in the good books.

Bakerdays have a huge selection of valentines day cakes most which can be personalised to have your name or your other halves. They also do a range of flavours, however, I choose just Vanilla. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe how vibrant the icing is with the colours for some reason this really shocked me. The cake is housed in a plastic bag which comes with instructions which tell you how to remove the cake without it becoming broken.

One critisim for the company would be that I thought the cake was slighly dry this may just be me and my tastes however I think I would like it to have been a bit more moist this could be due to the lack of jam.  I understand this could have be due to the fact the company state that these cakes can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. These cakes do have a number of E numbers in which could be something to be aware of if this bothers you maybe if you plan on sharing with little fingers.

Overall £14.99 for this size the cake is a little on the pricey side when compared to a cake in a shop more so when this can only be divided into four slices. On the plus side though it is a lot cheaper than purchasng other valentine’s gifts such as flowers and could be sent for either a guy or girl. The cake to me was not the best I have ever consumed but for me this is more of a novelty product and I cannot fault the concept at all rather than something I would consume all the time. 

I really like the idea of cake by post and I think most people would too! Not just for Valentine’s Day, but also for other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, new babies, Easter etc. I think it is fantastic that you can choose a variety of cakes, personalise them, then have them at your door within a day or so. These cakes therefore make a great gift and I seriously doubt that anyone would complain about receiving a nicely decorated cake directly to their door when they weren’t expecting it. I’ll definitely consider getting another Bakerdays cake for some occasion in the near future. Even more so for when we have occasions and we can not make them due to other commitments I am sure people would not mind a cake been delivered. 
The lovely people at BakerDays have actually allowed me to let one of you lucky ones recieved one of their 5″ cakes in any design.I have to state that this compertiion is only open for the UK sorry.
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Charlotte x
This post contains a PR sample however, all views are still my own. 

Lush Valentine’s 2017

Friday saw the launch of Lush’s Valentines day range as you may know if you have read this blog for a while I adore Lush. I have nearly the whole range one which is pictured above because I forgot #badblogger the couple of items which I did not purchase is the soap due to the fact I have purchased a lot of soap from the Christmas range and I need to use some of it before I purchase more, the other item which I didn’t get it the lip tint this again is because I am trying to use up lip products rather than actually add to my collect and it looked very sheer in store so I left it. I did not get any gift sets either because of the fact that there was no exclusives in them.

It would not be Valentine’s Day without Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar coming back into stores. This beauty is one of the most amazing and colourful bubble bar which have come out you would think that this would be a very sweet scent however, this is not the case. This bubble bar has a slight hint of lavender not as much as the Twilight range. This is one which I could get 3/4 baths out of it this would be a great one if you are looking for something to help you sleep or just relax. I actually have a one or two of these from last year so will not be picking any more of these up at the moment. 

This beauty is Lover Lamp beware the bright pink colour is off another bath bomb which you will see in further along in the haul. This was one of my favouite bath bombs from the range last year due to the fact that it is so different to any other bath bomb which Lush have released. I get a huge scent of vanilla which is a very powdery vanilla scent this has a lot of Cocoa butter in which is very moisturising from what I remember it also has a slight hint of citrus orange.  The red hearts floating in the bath are actually so romantic there are only three of them but they are amazing.

Ladybird bubble bar is one which came out as part of the Mother’s Day range last years so this could mean it may be staying till Mother’s Day this year. This was one of the best parts of the range it has peppermint and geranium in, This reminds me of a mix between candy canes and snow fairy for the sweet elements and then you get the floral scent from the geranium this turns the water a beautiful vivid red colour. With this item been a bubble bar I am thinking I got 3/4 baths out of it maybe more last year I am unsure. This is one which I really do like to cocktail with if you have not heard of this it is when you use multiple lush bath products together. 
Massages are something which I adore and I have an amazing boyfriend who can work wonders on my back which I am always having trouble with dam having a trapped nerve in my shoulder/back. When I saw that Lush had released another massage bar I know that I needed to pick another one up because this may mean I get even more massages which can never be a bad thing. These bars can be used by either a partner or you can use it alone. I have managed to use one of these completely in the past and this gave me 5/6 full body massages, Love Spell has a slight rose scent but to me I get more of the Aloe Vera it also has tons of cocoa butter in which means that it is super moistening. This for sure is something which I would recommend if you love massages.

Shower Cream’s are one of my favourite items from Lush because they are super moistering which means that I do not have to use a body lotion which for a lazy girl like me is amazing. Who would not want to shower with prince charming when he smells of marshmallow vanilla and  pomegranate which means that it is sweet and fruity for me this is one of my favourite combinations. This is one which I may end up purchasing more of while this range is still out but I did find 500g of this shower cream the day before the was released there is no lustre that I can see in this years serving but this does still smell amazing no matter what.

I can not remember if I have mentioned on my blog yet that I adore lip scrubs from Lush currently I have 4 of them obsessive yes I know. This is meant to make your lips better and get rid of the layer of skin on the lips which is dead and this means that lipsticks can be applied much easier and they also look so much better. I will be using this in conjunction with the ones which I purchased over the Christmas period. This scent so unique however, it actually reminds me of the swizzles sweets which I used to have as a child. I love how this actually has red love hearts which you can eat if the truth be told I eat the whole scrub once I have used it on my lips it tastes amazing so how not do this. 7

Cupid bath bomb is brand new to the range this year which is suprising because of it’s shape it is one which you would think was been out previously as it screams valentine’s to me. This shares it’s scent with a bath melt which I love this is razzle dazzle to me this smells like fresh raspberries with a hint of something which I think is rose but this could just be me. To me this smells fruity with a hint of floral which is something that is so different this is one which I sure will be using in the bath very very soon incase I adore it and I can purchase more before they go out of stock.

Bath melts are not somethign I really tend to reach for there is no reason why but this just seems to be the case maybe it is because they do not do a show in the water and this is something which I really enjoy.  This bath melt is two hearts beating as one this bath melt is interlocking so could be used in to different bath should you want to, I feel like this is something which I am going to do. I like this scent however, this is one which I can not work out what it actually smells of its kind of sweety, slightly floral and fruity. I can tell this is going to be one which you know you have had in the bath it is going to be super mositering because of the cocoa butter. My mum described this scent as a reflection of my collection because it smells lush like.  I am unsure what scent it is actually meant to be if you have chance go and sniff this in store.

Emoji’s have been huge for the last couple of years and now lush have jumped on the bandwagon and created the lovestruck bubble bar. This to me smells like lemons and then something different something which is almost woody.  I can not work out if this is something which I adore I will admit I purchased it because of the design. This is something which I am going to have to use very soon to see if this is something which I actually like. If you have smelt it what do you think it smells like?

Rose bombshell bath bomb is one which was part of the mother’s day range last years so this could again be the same as ladybird and be part of mother’s day but just been released early. This actually reminds me of rose jam which is like Turkish delight, This is one of those product which I do actually like but I prefer them in the spring months so I will be saving mine for a while and then using it I know this is strange. If you love rose jam this for sure is one for you to pick up. I will not be picking up any more of these as I am not the biggest fan of this and I have around 3 of them anyway so I have plenty to see me through.
This is kiss me quick wash card I know this is something which many of you may be unfamiliar with you tear a little bit off and use it like soap this is super mositering as well it is made of a fruit pulp but I can not remember which one the member of staff told me. This scent is 29 high street which is meant to smell like it does when you walk into a lush shop this is one of my favourite scents because my room actually smells like this it is so comforting for me. This is one which I will be purchasing a couple more of before this range is over,

Meet over and over bath bomb which is maybe what I would claim is my favouite abth bomb in this whole haul it is citrus for anyone know really knows me well knows I adore Calcas which smells of sour gummy worms sweets. This bath bomb is super orange I challenge anyone not to adore this bath bomb it smells like you are actually bathing in an a orange rather than a bath. This is one which I wish I could stock up loads on but because it has a melt on the top they crack and then it starts eating the bath bomb after a few months I have been told. This is also the same for roller which is an oxford street and online exclusive.

Lush also are doing some amazing gifts but there is no exclusives as I stated above if you are thinking about treating a lush fan this valentine’s day it may be worth looking at the Lush Spa if you have one close to you because it sounds amazing. This is something which I have not actually tried and when speaking to a member of staff we worked out if I do not buy lush for a month I could actually afford one so maybe after the easter range has gone I will save up and have a lush spa treatment

Have you purchased anything from the valentine’s range or what would you like to recieve?

Charlotte x