Protecting those precious teeth 

Getting your toddler to brush their teeth can be a huge struggle this is something we have found usually when Jess is teething that she does not want to. Let’s face it who would like to be put their toothbrush on an area which is already very sore thank gosh we do not actually remember what it is like when we get our teeth. I am very lucky having a child like Jess who actually really does like to brush her teeth and sometimes she will ask randomly during the day to brush her teeth.

Usually Jess will brush her teeth in a morning after she gets washed which is around the same time as I manage to brush mine I think it is important to do it at the same time every day as it gets her used to it been part of the routine and something which she is not going to forget to do. I know as she is growing up will put a small amount of the toothpaste we actually used adult ones but check that it is suitable for under 6-year-olds. This is something I was told I could do from my dentist as people can find to remove their child from children’s toothpaste after the age of 6 because they are used to sweet flavours and not the harsh mint flavour. This is a tip which I would pass on to any other parent because for sure it is one which has saved us money not having to have two lots of toothpaste.

I let Jess brush her teeth herself the first time because I feel like it gives her a little bit more independence. This is not something which she needs more of but it helps her to feel like she is a big girl and something which she loves. Of course, because brushing her teeth is such a big job I do take some more toothpaste and make sure that she has done a good job because tooth decay is something which I do not want her to struggle with in the future.

Since Jess has had teeth we have used the wisdom toothbrushes. The reason for this is that they are small enough that toddlers can grip them meaning that they can have more control of the toothbrush making their cleaning skills even better which is always something that you want as a parent. I make sure that she does go to the dentist every 6 months one so that she gets used to having to go and doesn’t become scared like I am. Also due to the fact that they can check her teeth which makes double sure that together we are doing a good job.

Taking care of your teeth is something important as they are the teeth you have for the rest of your life and you do not get a chance to change them without huge costs. This is something which I hope Jess keeps up as she grows and hopefully the products she uses to continue to work for her.

What do you use to clean your little one’s teeth?

Charlotte x

Dear Dada- The Wheels On The Bus

Dear Dada 
Woo another week has past which of course means that it is another week closer to you return I think there are only about 5 more times that I have to borrow mummy laptop to write to you because very soon I am going to be able to just tell you what I have been up to when we have been apart. This week has been one of the most challenging because of the fact that we have had to deal with a train strike two days on the days which mummy has 9am lectures. This has meant that we have had to be getting the bus a 6.20am do you know how early that it. I must admit I have been taking a nap on the bus because it takes so long and I am a princess who needs her sleep after all. Roll on next week when I only have to take one bus and that is to make mummy’s life a little bit more simple. 
This has meant that I have been getting to nursery for about 8.20 in a morning which means that I do actually do get the breakfast which is nice for me because I am one who loves my food and when you are having breakfast at 5.30am and mummy bans me from drinking coffee I need to get my own source of energy somehow. I have had so much fun there this week I have been playing doctors in the new set up the kitchen has now gone and we have got a doctors area and I am always trying to make the dolls and some of my friends feel a lot better. See I am a caring person as well as being a little terror who is always on the crazy side of life. 
Yesterday saw me go into town because I needed my feet measured as you might remember my shoes were getting a little bit past it and I think my feet have grown some as well. We yes that is the case now I am the proud owner of a pair of 6 1/2  cheesy feet. Much to the delight of mummy I have now got rid of my smelly doodles however, I do not think that she is a fan that it cost her nearly £80 shoes which are never great. I am very thankful because I now have an amazing pair of silver trainers which flash so brightly when I walk and then I have beautiful pair of tan boots which are going to look amazing with some of my dresses. 
Sunday we did a lot of chilling out because of the fact that mummy has some uni work to do which is never fun and she did manage to sort out a lot of my old clothes because my feet have grown I need some more socks. 
I think this week I am going to be as busy as I have 5 days at nursery because I know that mummy has lots of work to do for university and this means that I really need to behave for her so that she does not get very stressed out. I think that if I behave this week she might actually take me to the fair which as you remember was pretty cool like last year. I am hopefully going to be able to go on some of the rides because you know how much I like this. 
I love and miss you so much, daddy 
Jess xxx

Jess at 2 

Dear Jess

Wow time really flies when you are having a lot of fun. I can not believe that it has been two whole years since you came into our life’s or does not feel like it has been that long I now can not imagine life with you. You have grown so much since you were no bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now your own toddler who never stays still enough to measure you against Daddy.

In the past year you have grown up so much you have managed to master walking and now never want to stay still. You love even been able to hold our hand and be able to walk against us because you are growing up. You even love to hold our hand when you are crossing roads. You also love been to explore when on your reins and you think you are a big girl and you love being able to feel like this when you are exploring.

You really love the outdoors at the moment it is hard to keep you in because you are obsessed with been outdoors all of the time. You love being able to play on your scuttlebug and your rocker which you adore. I can not wait till you can get a balance bike next year and we can have so much more fun with you exploring. I am sure you are going to love putting on your wellies and coat on once the leaves start changing because you will be able to kick the leaves and have so much fun.

You adore been able to colour and draw pictures recently it is something that you have got in you seem to be able to doing more drawings. Which is amazing because one of the great things which mummy loves is been able to put your pictures on the fridge. You get excited when you see it and you always are making pictures for Daddy which he loves as he can take it away when he is not with us. I am sure he loves it because he can look at them when he is missing you.

Recently you have gained your own personality you are super stubborn if you do not want to do something you will just basically say no and have a tantrum stood where you are. This is something which can drive me insane because you can push my buttons. Hopefully is it is something which you are going to grow out of very soon because it’s so horrible.

You are still the daredevil which you have always been I dread it every single time you do something to yourself it only took you less than 18 months to get your first black eye. You managed to trip over a table and give yourself one. You wouldn’t be Jess my daughter without having a couple of bruises because you are always on the go and tripping over. I think it’s worse because of the fact your always on the go.

Your eating is still amazing we still get to find something which you do not eat which is amazing. You have tried a huge range of foods even including curry and fajitas you even have tried jalapeños and loved them which was shocking because I didn’t think you would like them. They burnt your mouth a little bit but not too much which is always a bonus. You usually drink a little bit of milk usually a cup before bed. It seems to be something which you really enjoy doing before doing bedtime.

Talking of sleep you go to bed between 7-8pm and then wake up at 5.45 so that we can make the train in the morning. However you have actually stopped going to sleep on the train but you actually have a nap at nusury and sometimes that can be a couple of hours which is always a bonus because it does mean that you are awake when it comes to the trip home which is great because it means we can have a little bit of time when we are travelling.

Talking is an element which you seem to have improved a lot now we can have a whole conversation with you. You do seem to be improving your vocabulary which is always great. Singing is another element which you are always trying to sing wind the bobbin up, the wheels on the bus and baa baa black sheep.

I can’t believe you are now 2 Jess where did the time go. Next time I write one of these you are going to be 3 which scares me you are growing up way to fast please can you slow down . I think we are going to have a lot of fun while you are 2 I can’t wait to see what adventures we are going to get up to.

Love Mummy xxxx