Tips For A Happy Bath Time

When Jess was first born and till she could sit up she hated going into the bath it was one of the most painful experiences because she would not want to be in the bath for longer than a couple of minutes and this would only give me enough time to wash her hair and then actually do her body.

This has actually changed in the last changed since she can sit up in the bath and now she is actually begging me to go in the bath she loves to shout splashy splashy which means that Jess wants to go into the bath and splash. I think her record of being in the bath is something like close to a couple of hours which is crazy I think it is nearly as long as I have spent in the bath. There is a range of products which we use to make sure that she had a lot of fun and actually does end up getting clean because of the bath.

We are not loyal to one type of bubble bath Jess uses a range of different bubble baths bottles she has used child’s farm, boots own brand, as well as ultracare. Jess loves actually a good bubble bath because she likes to pop the bubbles. I tend to purchase the bubble bath which is on offer I know I am lucky because of the fact that Jess does not have sensitive skin I can use any products. I would recommend using a scent which you child actually likes as well. We sometimes as a treat every so often use a lush bath bomb which I do because Jess loves watching seeing what they do in the water which I know she adores as she always says wow when she watches them.

I would recommend getting your child’s favourite characters to help get them washed so I picked up in Tesco a paw patrol flannel because of Jess, as you may know by now, is super obsessed with the pups. So this means I can say to her do you want me to put the body wash on the pups and then she will wash her whole body. We have used a Marshall sponge in the past which we picked up from Primark and they do the hand washing mitts with characters such as Minnie mouse as well and they are all between £1-£2.

Then, of course, you have to get some toys because they are some things which help the child enjoy the bath because they think they are playing which is what they are doing and you can have a hell of a lot of fun different games which you play. The first item which we love is rubber ducks they are a cult classic when it comes to playing with the toys I picked a huge bag of them off amazon however, I did not check them and they came from Japan/China. You may want to order them off a UK seller so that they come quicker. I know stores such as home bargains and B&M always seem to have them in. We have had hours of fun with ours and they are super cheap that reminds me that I do need to purchase some more because ours are getting a little bit battered.

We also have boats which I ordered online because of the fact that as every knows you can get online a hell of a lot cheaper wet got I think it is 4 boats for only £1-2 which I think is super cheap and we have had them a year and a half have been using them a lot, to be honest. We love being able to put some water in them and sink the boats as well as linking the boats together and driving them. I know that Jess loves to be able to tip the water all over me so I would recommend purchasing something like boats. Or the animals which squirt you because if your child is anything like mine she loves getting other people wet when in the bath because she is wet she thinks you should be. I know again you can pick these up in stores such as home bargains and b&m as I constantly see them in stores such as these.

Wow else remembers when you were a child and you had the foam letters which stuck to the wall and you used to try and spell your name and if you are someone like me you would never be able to actually do this because you would always run out which used to pissed me off. Jess even though she cannot spell at the moment because of the fact that she is only just turning two. However, this does not stop her from actually putting them in the bath and the walls and of course, I can write words and teach Jess what they are and this is something which she finds really fun. I actually picked up about 48 letters and a few numbers from TKMaxx for Jess for Christmas and she has used them so much however, I really need to rinse them now because they do start to smell because you are meant to let them fully dry out and this is not something which me and Jess have been doing.

The final item which we love to use to have a happy bathtime is the bath crayons which you only need to get a slight amount of water on them and then they become like a paint which you can use in the bath and your own body. This is something which Jess at the moment is adoring due to the fact that she is loving been able to colour because that is all she wants to do at the moment. I love that I can draw and be involved in her bath and what she is doing rather than her having all of the fun. I got this again from online on Amazon however, I have seen that they are available in stores such as the pound shop which is great for when I need to be able to get another pack because ours actually are running out fast.

What do you use to have a fun bath time?

Charlotte x

Scuttlebug Review

Scuttlebugs is something which I have known that I was going to purchase for Jess for a long time because as you may know Jess is a child who loves to be outdoors and I am sure she hates it when she actually is stuck inside because the weather is not great. Way back at the start of May time I was looking at the scuttlebugs because I knew I wanted to get it early so that Jess could use it after nursery when the days were getting longer and also if we have a nice weekend. I found out that that they were retailing for around the £30 mark.

As you may know, I love a bargain and because of the fact that I was ahead of the season I thought I would have a look on Ebay and see if anyone was selling one which has been barely used because this is not something which bothers me that much. I knew that I was just going to give Jess it and it was not going to be a present at all.  I managed to pick one up and I think it cost me around £15 posted.

If you do not know what a scuttlebug is basically a three wheeled balance bike which children up to around the age of 3 can use as a ride on. They push themselves against the floor and it moves it can be used both indoors if you have enough space which is something I do not have. Or you can use it outside like Jess does.

The scuttlebug comes in a range of different colours however, we choose the black and red one which means that I could always save this should we have another child because of the fact that it is not that girly.  The scuttlebug we have is actually shaped and looks like a ladybird which is attractive and colourful to a child’s eyes. 
It came folded away which means that you have to assemble the bike but it is very easy and does not take a long time it is literally 3 clicks and then it is up. This is amazing because as we all know children do not like waiting for a long time to be able to play with their toys. Something which I worried about when I had seen these previously was about how sturdy they were but I can report after owning one for a while that they are very sturdy. They are also so lightweight which means you could carry them to the park you could even fold these up and put it under the pram.  I have no concerns how long these are going to last because Jess has used this for a long time it is showing no signs of wear. I also love how small they fold because it means that it very easy to store if like us you do not have the largest amount of space to put toys. 
I do not know if I can imagine Jess playing on this next summer when she is nearly 3 because I have a feeling that she may be a little bit too big for it however, I know that she is taller than most children her age so this is something to take into consideration. 

I think that it would be worth keeping your eyes open for when these are on offer because I do not think that they are fully worth the RRP of £30 however, if you can get your hands on one of these cheaper I would recommend it. Personally, I think that they are worth around the £20 mark and have noticed Amazon does have them in certain colours for this price. 
Have you purchased a Scuttlebug, If so what did you think of it?
Charlotte x

SassyBloom Review + Discount code

Hi Guys

Recently we were contacted by the lovely people at Sassybloom. For those who do not know Sassybloom is a subscription service which is personalised to your baby’s age, development and gender from your third trimester to their 3rd birthday. You can do a one off boxes as we;;.  A one off box is £40 for 3 months it is £29.95 per month. Each box has a RRP of at least £40.

So here is what we received in Jess’s box you personalise it by there date of birth so below is what we received.

The first item we received which was on top of our box because of it’s size. It is this beautiful butterfly munchkin lunch bag in a butterfly shape. This will be perfect for us because we do like to have picnic’s when we have days out and this gives Jess something cute to be able to put her lunch. This is something that mummy can’t wait to use alone Jess.
The next item we have is a Mada push and pull along elephant this is going to be amazing for us due to the fact that Jess has just started walking and always is wanting to take us on a walk. Instead of us been taking for a walk she will be able to take this elephant for a walk. This is made of wood so this means it will not smash should it hit the floor incorrectly. 

The next item we have is this really cute book which is called sleep tight teddy and you put your index finger in the puppet which is attached to the box so you can read through the story with the cute Teddy which you are saying night night to. Jess really loves board books which this is. She just sits down on the floor and gets a book and tries to read it sometimes the book is upside down but it is really cute when she does this.

This is the Melissa and Doug peek-a-boo playbarn this is an idea which I can imagine Jess sitting down and playing with for a long time due to the fact that peek a boo is one of her favourite games, You lift the flaps up and down to see the animals and hide from them. I really can not wait to see how she reacts with this toy when I give it to her. 
Another book well this is perfect for my little girl this is panadamonium which looks like an awesome book that good that as soon as Jess saw it she took it and went to read it so I can not tell you what it is about yet. I am sure that one night I will get to read this to my princess before she goes up to bed. 
I remember having one of these myself this is a musical tv which you wind up the tv and then it plays music as well as the picture moving which is amazing. I think that it is something which Jess will be amazed by due to the fact that she will not have seen like this. I have not seen one of these for a long time. I feel like this is something which we are going to be playing with for a long time. 
As you can see you get plenty for your money from this box, It would make a great christmas present if you do not know what to get someone more so if they are between the ages of 0 and 3 years old. This is something which I will be getting Jess again in the future this is something which we may do around Easter time and Summer time when we will be spending a lot of time at home. 
The lovely people at Sassybloom have give me a link which will give you £10 off your first box the link is here 
Would you think about purchasing a Sassybloom box?
sassybloom have given me a discount in order to produce this review