Nail Inc TKMaxx Haul

Hey Guys

I know that I said that was not going to purchase nail polish this year. I have decided that I am going to limit the amount that I can purchase instead due to the fact that I don’t think that I can go the whole year without purchasing polish. In the month of January I have done well I have only purchased 5 polishes which all were from Nail Inc from the Gel Effect range and  managed to pick them in TK Maxx for £4.99 each instead of £14.

I have made so much progress on some of my nail polishes which are in my project polish which you can read all about here there will be an update next week on my progress,  Anyway on to the shades which I picked up in this haul.

I picked up 5 polishes all in shades which I think that are so easy to wear. The first polish is Downtown which is a really neon pink shade in the bottle I just think this is going to look amazing in the summer months.

The bright blue shade is Mercer Street which again I purchased because of the fact that I thought it would be an amazing again the the summer months I realised I have a lot of dark colours in my collection at the moment so I would purchase some summer ones so I have a combination of both.

Old Bond street is one which I could not say no to due to the fact that I really love purple nails. This shade looks amazing at any time of year I can say, It will look amazing on my nails at this time of year and then would look nice on my toe nails later in the year when it becomes a bit warmer,

Regents Place is a beautiful pale blue shade which will look amazing on the finger nails in the summer it is not like any other shades which I seem to own. This is one which I think would be perfect to use for nail art.

Finally I have the shade Bond Street which is a dark plum colour which will look beautiful in the autumn months which is why I picked it up because I know that when it comes to that time of year I will not be able to find it again so that is why I picked it up this time. However I may not use it till then.

What shades do you love from the nail inc gel effect range?