5 Money Saving Tips Online Shopping

I know that when you are thinking about saving money you are trying not to so be a lot however we all know that we have to spend money. Whether it be gifts which you need for people such as people having birthdays or items which you need to replace.

I am for one a person who prefers to shop online because it does mean that I don’t have to interact with humans and I can do it in the comfort of my own house. Of course there is a lot more temptation to spend more money when you are shopping online the reason behind this is because you do get a lot of emails when sales are on and you might be tempted to shop online. However you might know the sale was on without this so today I am going to share with you 5 money saving tips for when you are shopping online.
The first one is use sites which as quidco which is a cashback site there is also top cashback. I personally have only used quidco and in the past year I think I have had over £100 back on purchases which I have made and would have made anyway. I use google chrome web browser and have been able to add it so that when I go to a site which quidco gives cashback on it tells you so that you do not miss out on the cashback. It is amazing to see how much money you can get back I even got some money back from car insurance and hotels it doesn’t have to just be normal shopping which you can get cashback on.
Click and collect is something which saves my life because of the fact that I am never at home to get the deliveries. A lot of websites do actually charge you to have items deliveried as well however if you have a store close you might be better if clicking and collecting the item most stores do this so you still can shop in your pyjamas if you would like to. I did the majority of my Christmas shopping this year and never had a bad experience. Most websites charge around £3.95 however it might be cheaper for you to click and collect over the year you could save a fair amount of money. It is actually sometime in quicker for you to get things via click and collect I know Debenhams is one of these sites where you can get it in store within 24-48 hours for free however you would have to pay extra to get the item that quickly.
Check returns policy’s before you purchase recently I gave noticed a number of the clothing sites which I have been using charge for returns. This is something you might want to be aware of because if you are like me you might order things in a couple of sizes because you do not know which one is going to fit. However if it is charging you to return it is something to be aware because it may not be as cheap as you think for example if the item is in the sale it might be more expensive than you would have paid. I know sites like misguided used to charge £4 returns I do not know if they still do this but it does put me off ordering sites like this because it can be costing me to try clothes on which I could not actually try on in a store.
Avast safeprice tool bar is something which Joe told me about list before Christmas this is a tool bar for your computer which tells you if a product you are looking at is cheaper on another website. This is so useful because who doesn’t want to save money on a product that they are going to purchase anyway. I actually found Jess’s new pram £20 cheaper than I was going to pay thanks to this toolbar I just googled avest safeprice in order to be able to install this. This is something which I could see myself using a lot and saving even more money which is always looking at items. They sometimes are for sale cheaper on sites which you would not have thought of using for example the pram was in symths toy store not a place which I would have thought sold actual pushchairs. This is a free toolbar so why not go install it now.
The final tip is a page which I got recommended by someone it is a page on Facebook called Present Hunter.This is a page which shares offers and deals for all kind of items I have purchased a lot using these deals for example I got a desk light on Amazon which was £35 but I got it for £3.99 which is amazing thanks to this site. This is something which we needed and may have purchased anyway they also purchase misprice items which usually is on Amazon and only last for a short period of time. This page I know is going to be really handy when we are looking for household items. They have posts such as clothing both for children and adults at the moment they keep posting character Pyjamas for children for only £6 from places such as Tesco.
How do you save money when your shopping online?
Charlotte xx

Tips For A Happy Bath Time

When Jess was first born and till she could sit up she hated going into the bath it was one of the most painful experiences because she would not want to be in the bath for longer than a couple of minutes and this would only give me enough time to wash her hair and then actually do her body.

This has actually changed in the last changed since she can sit up in the bath and now she is actually begging me to go in the bath she loves to shout splashy splashy which means that Jess wants to go into the bath and splash. I think her record of being in the bath is something like close to a couple of hours which is crazy I think it is nearly as long as I have spent in the bath. There is a range of products which we use to make sure that she had a lot of fun and actually does end up getting clean because of the bath.

We are not loyal to one type of bubble bath Jess uses a range of different bubble baths bottles she has used child’s farm, boots own brand, as well as ultracare. Jess loves actually a good bubble bath because she likes to pop the bubbles. I tend to purchase the bubble bath which is on offer I know I am lucky because of the fact that Jess does not have sensitive skin I can use any products. I would recommend using a scent which you child actually likes as well. We sometimes as a treat every so often use a lush bath bomb which I do because Jess loves watching seeing what they do in the water which I know she adores as she always says wow when she watches them.

I would recommend getting your child’s favourite characters to help get them washed so I picked up in Tesco a paw patrol flannel because of Jess, as you may know by now, is super obsessed with the pups. So this means I can say to her do you want me to put the body wash on the pups and then she will wash her whole body. We have used a Marshall sponge in the past which we picked up from Primark and they do the hand washing mitts with characters such as Minnie mouse as well and they are all between £1-£2.

Then, of course, you have to get some toys because they are some things which help the child enjoy the bath because they think they are playing which is what they are doing and you can have a hell of a lot of fun different games which you play. The first item which we love is rubber ducks they are a cult classic when it comes to playing with the toys I picked a huge bag of them off amazon however, I did not check them and they came from Japan/China. You may want to order them off a UK seller so that they come quicker. I know stores such as home bargains and B&M always seem to have them in. We have had hours of fun with ours and they are super cheap that reminds me that I do need to purchase some more because ours are getting a little bit battered.

We also have boats which I ordered online because of the fact that as every knows you can get online a hell of a lot cheaper wet got I think it is 4 boats for only £1-2 which I think is super cheap and we have had them a year and a half have been using them a lot, to be honest. We love being able to put some water in them and sink the boats as well as linking the boats together and driving them. I know that Jess loves to be able to tip the water all over me so I would recommend purchasing something like boats. Or the animals which squirt you because if your child is anything like mine she loves getting other people wet when in the bath because she is wet she thinks you should be. I know again you can pick these up in stores such as home bargains and b&m as I constantly see them in stores such as these.

Wow else remembers when you were a child and you had the foam letters which stuck to the wall and you used to try and spell your name and if you are someone like me you would never be able to actually do this because you would always run out which used to pissed me off. Jess even though she cannot spell at the moment because of the fact that she is only just turning two. However, this does not stop her from actually putting them in the bath and the walls and of course, I can write words and teach Jess what they are and this is something which she finds really fun. I actually picked up about 48 letters and a few numbers from TKMaxx for Jess for Christmas and she has used them so much however, I really need to rinse them now because they do start to smell because you are meant to let them fully dry out and this is not something which me and Jess have been doing.

The final item which we love to use to have a happy bathtime is the bath crayons which you only need to get a slight amount of water on them and then they become like a paint which you can use in the bath and your own body. This is something which Jess at the moment is adoring due to the fact that she is loving been able to colour because that is all she wants to do at the moment. I love that I can draw and be involved in her bath and what she is doing rather than her having all of the fun. I got this again from online on Amazon however, I have seen that they are available in stores such as the pound shop which is great for when I need to be able to get another pack because ours actually are running out fast.

What do you use to have a fun bath time?

Charlotte x

Tips For Eating Out With A Toddler

This summer seems to be going very very fast would you believe that tomorrow is August. I for one can not believe how fast the year is actually going it is scary. Once the summer months approach more people seem to have more meals out this could be because you have had a lovely day out and a great way to finish the day by having a meal out. Eating out with Jess is something which we have done for a long period of time she has been used to eating out since before I think she could eat.
I have had questions by people who have been in the same restaurant as us on how I manage to cope eating out with a toddler and I have had multiple people come up and tell me that she is a huge credit to us because she is so well behaved while been out. I will admit I do not have the answers to everything these are just my tips and what I do to make sure that Jess is respectful to other guests who may be eating at the same place as us.

The first one is making sure that you are going to a restaurant which is suitable the last thing you want to do is get to a place and actually find out that your child is not going to want to eat anything on the menu. Most places do have a children’s menu which for the majority you can find online because there is nothing worse than forcing your child to eat something which they do not want to consume. For example, we love eating at all you can eat buffets such as Cosmo’s however, this is not a place we would go with Jess because she would not eat as much we would be more likely to hit a pizza hut.

If your child is as young as Jess is you might want to use a highchair which a lot of places have because this stops you worrying that they are going to be able to run around the whole restaurant and disrupt other diners. I have also found that making sure that she has something to play with always helps I have noticed that if Jess has something such as some colouring pencils and a menu which usually is the child menu she seems to be able to keep her entertained for a while which means that she is able to wait a little bit longer for her food.

Jess still used a bib when she is having food which means that when we eat out we make sure that we still take one because it helps catches the food which she may drop and this stops it been all over the floor. If there is one thing which makes me really embarrassed it is when I have to leave a messy table with food all over it and the floor so this is something which we have started doing and Jess seems to be fine with it because it is what she is used to we have a bib which folds up and lives in her changing bag so that we can just grab it when we eat out.

Another thing which you may notice if you have a young child who likes to use cutlery that when eating out it can be very heavy which means that Jess and other children her age may not be able to lift them. If you are like me you do not want to allow them to eat with their fingers when it suits you however, you do not want them to get into this routine and do it at home. I picked up a while ago in Jojo Maman Bebe this ladybird tum tum cutlery they are not to heavy for her at all they are the same weight as normal children’s cutlery. I have noticed that Jess eats really well with them and she will ask for them if she knows I have them and the cutlery in the place is going to be too heavy fot her I think this is because she knows she will be told off if she eats with her fingers.

Make sure that you are not eating out too late with children as well because sometimes if you make them eat too late they will be very grumpy which will end up stressing you all out and make the meal unpleasant. I try to make sure that Jess goes for meals close to the times when she would actually be eating because otherwise she can be horrible and it is not something I also do not like her going out too late because it means that she is more likely to go to bed on a full stomach which is not good for her at all.
The final tip which I have is to make sure that you have a beaker or cup which your child is used to drinking from with you. The amount of times we have found that we have been out and the place we are eating at only has glass or cups which have a large rim and are unsuitable for Jess to drink out of. We do purchase the drink from the place we’re we are eating and then just pour it into the cup which we have with us this means that Jess then can have a drink without it having to be a fruit shoot with a sports cap and does not end up with her drink all over herself.

What are your top tips for eating out with a toddler?

Charlotte x

Top Tips To Deal With Chicken Pox

If you follow me on social media just before Easter Jess got chicken pox.  This is something which she really suffered with as you can tell from the picture above she does not actually look like herself her eyes looks so dark and she looks so out of it. That is apart from been covered in really bad spots as you can see the one near her boob looks really angry I think this was one of the worse ones which she actually got.

During this period of time I when Jess was struggling I was given so much advice on what people to me would help get rid of the pox which is something I needed to do because of the fact that we were going away a few days after the pox came out .I think it was around a week after she got sent home from nursery. I am going to share with you what I found worked when she was struggling.

  • Bicarbonate Soda baths this is something which Jess had multiple of during this time. This is supposed to help the healing and stop itching I did not want to use body washes or anything during this time cause I did not want to irritate them you can pick this up down the baking isle in the supermarket.
  • Making sure that unless she needed to we kept her out of clothes she had her dressing gown on so that she did not get cold. The reason behind this is I did not want Jess to scratch the scabs as they form when they are healing. I didn’t want to prevent the healing stage because we wanted to get her back to full health as soon as possible. 
  • Pirition is something else which Jess used because we wanted to stop the itching because I am sure that if we had let her she would scratch them. I think she only got caught scratching a couple of times and I think that this could be a reason why because they were not itching as much.  Children who get chicken pox over the age of one can use this however, you might want to check with a pharmacy before you give your child this product. 
  • I was recommended to use calamine lotion but I found it so hard to apply to Jess because it was always cold and she did not want me touching her. Let alone stay still long enough for me to apply it. I actually was lucky to get sent a tube of Care Virasoothe which is a gel that provides cooling and soothing relief reducing the urge to scratch. It also claims that it helps prevent scarring. This is something we loved because Jess allowed us to apply it and actually I think she looked forward to the relief as some of the worst spots were around her nappy area. 
  •  Make sure that you have some calpol on hand we found that it was a godsend because it took any of the pain which she may have been in away. Due to the fact that Jess still had chicken pox when she was pretty young, it meant that she could not tell us we only knew she needed some relief when she was piercing screaming.
  • Make sure that your child is getting enough fluids because when you are ill it is easy to become dehydrated. Offer them juice more often than you may normally do because they may not want to eat a lot if they are anything like Jess was when she had them. For sure I had to make sure that she was really drinking a lot more than she would normally do in order to prevent her becoming really poorly

These are my top tips do you have any others to parents who may be dealing with chicken pox?

Charlotte x
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How To Healthy During Exam Season

As some of you may know I am a 2nd-year student which means I have had a lot of exam seasons, I have found that when I become stressed I can forget to look after myself as bad as it sounds it means that I can become poorly. This is something which I can not afford to do anymore because of the fact that I have Jess to look after which means that it just is not possible for me to become ill or it puts, even more, stress on me.  Today I have decided that I am going to share with you my top tips which means that I avoid illness as much as I can.

  • The first tip is to make sure that you drink a lot of water because being dehydrated means that you will not have as much motivation to complete work because you will not feel great, Water is the way to hydrate even though you could have squash if you do not like plain water.
  • Make sure that you get a good nights sleep I know that it may be tempting to stay up till around 3am completing work but trust me you need sleep this is when your body repairs. You will feel better when you have had a good nights sleep which means that you may be more productive
  • Make a timetable which means that you know when you are going to work and what you are going to revise which will mean that you will get more work done rather than thinking oh what work do I need to do and wasting time not being productive.
  • Eat healthier rather eating rubbish I know that it is easier to eat rubbish due to the fact that you do not want to spend time cooking when you could be doing some work which may need to be in. 
  • Make sure that you make time for yourself even if it is something small like having a bath once a week. This is something which I do throughout the year I treat myself to a lush bath on a Wednesday which means that I have it as something to look forward to when I know that things are very stressful.
Do you have any tips to keep healthy this exam season share below in the comments
Charlotte x
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Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting a Blog

Hi Guys

Since relauching a blog I have released what I did wrong on my first blog and why I did not love my old blog as much. The benefits I have seen since this is an increase in views compared to my old blog which has seen some of you actually decide you want to follow me. This is something which I am
so thankful for.

So today I have decided that I am going to share with you some tips which I which I had known when I had started blogging so that I can give something back to this amazing community which we have.

Don’t be scared to ask for help we have all been there and not been able to do things which we want. However don’t forget that most bloggers can be contacted on social media and there links are usually on their blog. If you are scared of asking some of them why not try google they will be posts and tutorials about what you are trying to do without a doubt.

Use Google Analytics this allows you to see your real stats it allows you to see when people view your blog and how they have got on it. This can help you to see if your tweets are effective and what time of day your posts get read the most may make you change upload times. It also allows you to see the days people are most active. If you need help with this I can help even thought I have a basic understand of this. I don’t know why I didn’t use this for so long now I check my stats on my phone every single day.

Social Media the more that you connect to bloggers the more likely they are to read your blog make sure you have a twitter account and an Instagram even if your Instagram is your personal one don’t worry about it at all.The more active you are on social media I find the more connections I have I now even have started scheduling tweets so that they do go out when I am not able to tweet.

Schedule make sure people know what days to expect new post so that they come looking for them. For me I know it is not realistic for me to post every single day because of my uni commitments but this does not stop me for posting 3/4 times a week. Even if I don’t have time I make sure that when I have a bit of spare time I start a post and some times if my work load is a little bit lighter I will write in bulk and schedule this is something which you can find me doing on a Sunday usually.

Be original don’t copy other people post you can use them for inspiration but don’t copy them word for word because this is not a way to gain followers. If anything it is possibly something which would put people off reading your blog which is never something you want.

What tips do you wish you knew when you started a blog