Our teething essentials

Hey Guys 
After 5 months of teething I finally can announce that Jess’s has two teeth. I think she had a few more which are coming and should be with us in the next few weeks. 
We haven’t had the smoothest ride when it comes to gaining her teeth we have had days were she will just scream in pain. Others where she is so clingy and needs to be held and cuddled just to make her feel better. However we have had 3 products which has helped soothe the pain a little bit.

First I will meantion the one which I am sure most people have used which is bonjela. It has been around for so many years I am sure I used it when I was teething. You just gently apply a small amount of the gel along the gum line and this provides some relief. Bonjela can be picked up for around £2.50 mark from most supermarkets and chemists. I am sure Jess went through a fair amount tubs of this. 
 Next up is Sophie the giraffe she is a teething you. You can bite her hoofs when you are getting you back teeth the horns on her head when you are getting the front teeth. Well that’s what it’s designed for she also has a thin neck which allows her to be held by small little hand. I think Sophie has been on multiple trips with us and Jess sometimes uses her as a toy which helps when travelling as you don’t have to take as much with you. Sophie the giraffe can be picked up on Amazon for around £10 depending on which set you get. I would recommend picking her up to help aid teething.

The finally product which Jess recommends is Nelsons teething granules. If you haven’t heard of them they are a little sachet of camomile. You just pour the sachet on the gums or into the babies mouth and its dissolves giving them instant pain relief. These are something we have only tried in the last couple of months due to recommendations. However they are something which wish we had know about from the start because of how effective they have been. You can pick these granules up at Boots for £4.25 for 24 sachets. I am sure you can pick them up at supermarkets and other chemists as well Boots is just were I have got them from for Jess. 
What was your teething essentials? If I have missed something let me know and I might try them out on the other teeth that are yet to come.
Charlotte x