Movie Based On Your Life Tag

I was tagged months ago to do this tag and I am a super bad blogger and can not remember who it was who actually tagged me so if it was you I am super sorry about this. I love doing this kind of posts because I feel like they let you know a little bit more about me and I am always curious to find out new things about other bloggers so I love reading these posts too.

1. Who would play you in the movies and why?

I am actually unsure about this I think that it would be someone who can be daft however, they can be me clever and never stop because this really sums me up because at the moment I do not seem to stop well I don’t think I have since last year when I went back to uni. I am daft when I want to be and actually let my hair down. I actually don’t know who would play me this is something for you to comment. I would love to think that I would be someone who is badass because who doesn’t want to be like that

2.  Who would play your significant other?

Maybe someone like Chris Evans as in Captian America because every girl can dream right he thinks that is amazing and I know that Captain America is amazing and also I love I think that Joe would be able to beat some of the baddies like he does.

3. What Genre of movie would it be?

I think it would be an easy watch comedy which would show everything that I do wrong and everyone would find really funny such as my parenting fails. I think it would have some action in as well because my life does not seem to be super smooth so this has to be an element which is in my movie. I would not have a lot of romance in the film because I am not one for public shows of affection.

4. What would the movie be called?

I am not that creative so I don’t think that it would have an amazing name, however, it would be something sarcastic because of this for sure an element of my life I am not shy to hide so I think this is something which would have to be in the name of my movie.

5. What would be the opening song at the start of the movies?

I think it would have to be simply the best because for sure this film would be one of the best movies because it is about my life and we always like to see normal life films because it makes us think that we are actually normal rather than seeing that life is always rosy like we actually see in the movies usually.

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Charlotte x