Christmas Nostalgia

I find that December is all about looking back at the year more so once we are over Christmas and heading towards New Year. People never really seem to reflect on Christmas I found this tag last Christmas however I did not have time to publish it so I thought I would share it this […]

Baby Name Tag

In the last few months, I have seen a lot of Youtubers dot the baby name tag and it has become one of my favouite videos to watch because I am noisy and like to see what other people think of names. I actually saw my lovely friend Emily do it on her blog so I […]

Falling For Fall Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Sarah from mummycatnotes she is a lovely fellow Mummy bloggers who is you have not checked out you should. I am so thankful that she tagged me because autumn/fall is one of my favourite seasons of the year. What is your favorite Fall scent?  I think one of my scents […]

Tell Me More Tag

I was looking through my blog and the posts which I want to share with you in the next few weeks and realised that a lot of them are hauls as I have been purchasing a lot of things since I have a lot more free time since I finished university for the summer, Or […]

Getting To Know Dad

Father’s Day is an occasion which we are yet to celebrate actually been together as a family and this will be the second one which we have had Jess for.  The reason behind this is because this time last year he was at work in Ireland it was close to his 6 months out there […]

Soundtrack To My Life

Thank you to the amazing Nicola from Mummytodex for tagging me in this post all about music that have defined a period of my life. Back in the day music actually used to play a huge part in my life at the moment, it doesn’t play as much of a part but I am sure this will […]

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I really love reading more about people behind the blogs I think I am going to try and share more about me in the next few months because I actually want this to feel like a personal blog and like you actually know me personally.  I was tagged by the lovely Beth who if you don’t […]

Reasons Why I Am Rocking Motherhood

Motherhood is something which people make look super easy but I can tell you from my own experience sometimes this is not the case. If you are like me sometimes you will feel super guilty for doing certain things like currently, I feel guilty because I have not spent a lot of time with Jess […]

100 Question Nobody Ever Asks Tag

Hi Guys I decided that today I was going to a tag which have previously done before but update it and share it with you today.The tag is 100 questions that nobody ever asks tag and I remember it been done on youtube a lot around this time last year and this is what inspired […]

The Mummy Tag

Hi Guys Sorry I will apologize I know you have not had a post from me in a couple of weeks Jess actually became will which meant that I had to have a couple of days off university. I did not managed to get as much work done as I would have if I had […]

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